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  • Wiper :: Download Source Code
    Wiper is an advertising billboard whose transition effects are themselves image URLs. New effects can be designed by simply doodling in a paint program. Wiper spawns a thread to read its advertisement list from a text file URL, so it is possible to feed it advertisements from the output of a CGI script. It can also be fed advertisements via LiveConnect.

    Hype :: Download Source Code
    Hype is a Java applet that simulates a LED billboard. It's different both in approach and appearance from similar applets available on the web. I tried to make it nice to see, with LED persistence and many opportunities for configuration and interesting effects. I feel that it's flexible enough to allow for some limited creativity in coming out with new effects when using it. Warning: This applet is best viewed with MS Internet Explorer (it tends to be slow under the current version of Netscape). Also, a

    Java Presentation Manager :: Download Source Code
    Java presentation manager. Visual designer and browser for the Internet slide-show presentations. Context sensitive, clickable vector, GIF and JPEG graphics. Extends the HTML and make your Homepage more attractive for the user.

    Nagendra's Free Headline News Applet :: Download Source Code
    Headline news is a Java applet which reads headlines from a text file and scrolls it. For a comprehensive list of features and source code, Visit and click on "Headline News Applet node in the site-guide to see a demo or to download

    Consulta Detallada Precios :: Download Source Code
    Consulta en linea de configuracion de pcs y sus componentes

    Advertizer Applet :: Download Source Code
    The Advertiser Applet reads in a list of .gif or .jpeg images, any text information, and corresponding site URL from the html and displays a scrollable menu of linkable advertisements. The html specifies whether the ad is exhibited in its actual size or scaled based on the dimensions of the applet also defined by the user. This is preferable as it results in a more uniform appearance of the ads. Other options are available.

    BlurSign :: Download Source Code
    BlurSign is a fading image advertising control that allows multiple images to be shown on your page. Each image can be hyperlinked to a URL, so when the user clicks on the current image, the hyperlinked page is loaded into the browser.

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