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  • Financial Goals Calculator :: Download Source Code
    This JavaScript Financial Goal Calculator puts complex financial formulas aside, leaving a user-friendly interface in plain English.The unique five-array configuration presented here allows the user to give each variable a range of values, thus mirroring the uncertainty involved in the real-life stock market or other such investments.

    Installment Applet :: Download Source Code
    The Installment calculator is a graphical interface for calculating an installment loan's purchase price, down payment, term, interest rate, and monthly payment. It utilizes a scroll bar and radio buttons to select a value to change and displays a bar chart as a graphical representation of all variables. Built JDK1.1. I have had some problems running in browsers other than IE4.x

    Java Calculators :: Download Source Code
    These 4 calculators have the full functionality of the commercial pocket calculators with the added benefits of beeing resizable, using sound and having the output recorded on a paper like tape. Bookmark the associated pop-up toolbar window and make them available at any time you need a calculator. window

    Big Calculator :: Download Source Code
    Big Calculator is an arbitrary precision calculator .It uses the new arbitrary precision BigDecimal and BigInteger classes introduced in Java 1.1, but it will run on a browser without a Java patch.

    Breakeven Calculator! :: Download Source Code
    Professional graphing, interactive calculations and a great layout make this calculator a standout! Specifically, the breakeven analysis calculator graphically demonstrates profit based on your unit sales and fixed costs. A full printable HTML report details all of your findings.

    EstimateIt :: Download Source Code
    This script provides potential customers with cost estimates based on what services they plan on purchasing. All they do is fill in the form, and the script calculates the rest! Very easy to customize.

    YALC :: Download Source Code
    YALC (Yet Another Loan Calculator) calculates the interest and principal paid as well as the balance for each year during the loan. It takes as input the amount, interest rate, monthly payment and a flag indicating whether the interest is capitalized monthly or yearly.

    Mortgage Qualifier :: Download Source Code
    The first step in buying a house is determining your budget. This calculator steps you through the process of finding out how much you can borrow. Fill in the entry fields and click on the payment schedule button to see a complete amortization schedule of your mortgage payments. Great graphics and interactive calculations make this a very impressive tool.

    Fig2Word :: Download Source Code
    Enter Amount in figure You will get Amount in Word.

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