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  • Breakout! :: Download Source Code
    Yes, it's the old Pong-type Breakout game from the 70's. Why is this one special? It's written entirely in JavaScript, taking advantage of Netscape Navigator 3.0's dynamic image updating capability. Navigator 3.0 or better is required.

    Space War :: Download Source Code
    A two-player game. Move your ship around and try to shoot the other player.

    Daleks! :: Download Source Code
    Help Doctor Who evade ever-growing swarms of his arch-enemies, the Daleks. At your disposal is the ability to teleport to random destinations, a limited quantity of sonic screwdrivers, and your unrivalled intellect. ----- NOTES: This is a resubmit of the Daleks! applet (originally rated: A030214-1/Feb96 (Top 25%)). The game now tracks the top ten high scores and implements a soundtrack through midi (which may be turned on or off). Netscape 3.0 seems to have trouble with the soundtrack - Internet Explorer

    Asternoid :: Download Source Code
    ASTERNOID is an asteroids clone, which has been around for about a year now. It features an attractive layout, a nice use of graphics and sound, and the potential for hours of wasted productivity. It is currently being used on many, many, web pages as a way to spice up the content. ASTERNOID's greatest asset, though, may be in its source code, which is scrupulously commented, line for line. It is an excellent resource, and should be easy to understand, even for the java beginner.

    3D-Blox :: Download Source Code
    Help Pixel Pete, the penguin, collect the golden coins and unlock the door to the next level. Pick up keys that activate special crystal blocks you can step on to reach new places.

    Javanoid :: Download Source Code
    A new breakout game with cool graphics and special effects such as pills, bullets and multi-ball mode.

    Punch'Em :: Download Source Code
    Slow to load on 14.4 (what isn't?) Political arcade game. SRC available.

    Pong :: Download Source Code
    Classic Pong game SRC available.

    Java Asteroids :: Download Source Code
    Javteroids is a Java re-creation of the popular video game Asteroids. It uses graphics and sound and is very cool. Java source code is available for download at the site.

    Java ZX Spectrum Emulator :: Download Source Code
    The Sinclair ZX Spectrum (TS2000 in US) was a home computer from 1982. This site contains the Java ZX Spectrum emulator and over 30 of the original games. Best to run it in a browser with JIT compiler support. Netscape Navigator 4.0b5 is the best under Windows 95, and Internet Explorer the best under Windows NT.

    Bomberman for Internet :: Download Source Code
    Bomberman for Internet is the well know action game, playable as a Java applet. Features: supports up to 5 players simultaneously via Internet; chat window.

    Pong2 :: Download Source Code
    Pong2 is a simple interactive pong game that is quite small and can be put on about any web page. There are no restrictions on the type of browser (other than it must be Java enabled).

    Javanoid :: Download Source Code
    Javanoid is a breakout game with cool graphics, pills giving special effects (gun, three balls, ...) and 20 levels. Added a new user interface (full mouse control), corrected a few bugs... Have fun!

    Java Asteroids :: Download Source Code
    A version of the arcade game Asteroids, with full sound effects and supernova bitmap background. Source code can be viewed by clicking on Source on the same page

    Breakout! (another) :: Download Source Code
    Yet another version of the classic paddle-ball arcade game Breakout! Allows up to five balls at one time and has a speed bar for tuning play to your machine, JVM, and skill level. Source code is freely available. REQUIRES A JAVA 1.1 compliant browser or appletviewer!!

    JSnake :: Download Source Code
    (Location of applet moved) The object of this game is to fill as much of the screen as possible without crossing your own path.

    Lander Simulation :: Download Source Code
    A lander simulation that uses a little more sophistication than the basic game. It has a gauge class that is generalized and can be reused. All source is available.

    MarsLander :: Download Source Code
    Land your Spaceship on Mars, Earth, or the Moon. Includes realistic gravity simulation and Starfield Simulator

    Whack 'a Brady :: Download Source Code
    The Bradys in their first ever Java Applet. Whack the Bradys until they realize the 70s are over and have a "super groovy" time doing it.

    Damsels In Distress :: Download Source Code
    A multi level game where you save the damsels while avoiding to touch the alien monsters who are trying to converge on you from all directions. Game features include record and play, self running demo and GREATEST OF ALL the ability to create your own levels.

    Invaders :: Download Source Code
    Invaders game. You can save score in Ms Access database which is connected via JDBC-ODBC.

    Customizable Breakout :: Download Source Code
    This is a customizable version of Breakout. Change the color, ball size, ball speed, paddle size and block size.

    John Donohue's Java Examples: Two Player Pong :: Download Source Code
    Two Player Pong applet.

    UFO_Attack :: Download Source Code
    Simple game with source code. Fun and instructive.

    VMay's Tetris :: Download Source Code
    This is a clone of the popular game.

    wermz :: Download Source Code
    Fast loading. unique gameplay.. set to be the best worm game on the net

    Dumb Little Race Car Applet :: Download Source Code
    This little game is very simple yet somehow manages to come across as complex. I remember a game like this in the 80's by Atari. Anyway, if you ever wanted to program a car game in Java, or want an extremely simple example of AI in an applet, this interesting game is for you.

    Pacman - by Scott L. Patterson :: Download Source Code
    Pacman with ray-traced graphics, HTML defined mazes (create your own) and quick screen refresh.

    Java Arcade Asteroids :: Download Source Code
    A java implementation of the arcade classic. Features smooth vector graphics animation, sound effects, increasing difficulty and that nasty flying saucer - this time armed with deadly guided missles.

    Javanoid :: Download Source Code
    Javanoid is a breakout game with cool graphics and special effects such as pills, bullets and multi-ball mode. The version 1.53, has many new features : Loading levels from a file, new graphics & animations, new sounds. A version converted to JDK1.1 API is also available.

    ABM.jar :: Download Source Code
    This is a simple game based on the old arcade game Missile Command (as well as I could remember it). It was written as an example program for a class on AWT Graphics.

    JDLunarLander :: Download Source Code
    The classic Lunar Lander game. Fly your space ship over the lanscape, pick a landing pad, and gently bring it to rest. You can set the gravity for a more difficult game.

    Giana V1.0 :: Download Source Code
    I tried to program a Giana-Sisters like Applet in Java and I think it looks pretty good. (If you don't know Giana-Sisters, maybe you know Super Mario). This Applet is Freeware, you can put it on your own Homepage if you like it.

    Pixie Roundup :: Download Source Code
    Pixie ROundup is a fun little game, the goal is to add/delete blocks on the board to force the moving dots (Pixies) onto the green goal area.

    JavaGravity :: Download Source Code
    JavaGravity is space shooter in a gravity world. Control a ship and deliver packages between space stations, with/without sounds and a high score list. Try it out!

    Space Ace :: Download Source Code
    Space Ace is my first real Java action game. It's kinda like a space invader clone. It runs best using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x and up. Effects include: sprite animation, background animation, starfield, explosions and audio.

    PacMan v2.0 :: Download Source Code
    This classic game has been choosen in order to study object oriented programmation. Therefore particular attention has being paid while implementing it in Java without, of course, underestimate its 'playability' or visual appearance.

    Asteroid :: Download Source Code

    ESE LIVELION :: Download Source Code
    This is a shooting game. Use only one mouse button for move and shoot.

    JBill2 :: Download Source Code
    Port of XBill 2.0 to Java. Includes all the goodies of XBill 2.0. Including network infection, and OS reinstallation. Kill the little Bills before they infect all your computers with a virus disquised as an operating system called Wingdows[TM].

    Gamelet Toolkit :: Download Source Code
    The Gamelet Toolkit is a powerful, robust, scalable, and free object oriented framework of classes and interfaces used for developing arcade style video games and entertainment applets. It provides classes for the management of several key functions including sprite animation, display optimization, and scoring.

    CarGame :: Download Source Code
    cargame is a racing game just wait for a 3-4 seconds and start clicking on the applet car moves left or right according to the clicking

    Nelzan 1 :: Download Source Code
    A fast pased arcade game what make you feel like your commands are lagging behind the system. It's compact 29K code size isn't light on features. There is a plot line, unlimited number of enemy ship movements, and a way to load images at runtime from compressed Zip Archives so don't blink expecting long load times.

    TunnelRat :: Download Source Code
    An arcade game designed using the Gamelet toolkit. You command a small ship through an undergound tunnel system destroying defensive units.

    Snake Pit :: Download Source Code
    Another variation on the 'Wermz' or 'Snake' game. This one features moving targets and multiple levels.

    BrickOut :: Download Source Code
    BrickOut is a arkanoid-style arcade game, with five levels to complete. Features real gravity balls, with trampolines, warp bricks and solid walls which need keys to unlock. Prepare for a surprise after finishing level 5...

    no Hats :: Download Source Code
    A platform game inspired by dr. who & donkey kong. Help yourself past ghosts, falling barrels and evil hats.

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