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  • Safety matches :: Download Source Code
    Simple game with safety matches...

    Checkers :: Download Source Code
    Checkers is a 1 & 2 player graphical checkers game.

    Java Checkers :: Download Source Code
    A simple checkers game using java. It can be played by 1 or 2 players (but the computer is pretty stupid).

    Connect 5 :: Download Source Code
    Connect 5 is a board game similar to tic-tac-toe, but much more challenging. Five different difficulty levels for the computer are available. Featuring Top 10 Players - Hall of Fame.

    Puissance 4 :: Download Source Code
    The well known game :-)

    GO game java applet :: Download Source Code
    A GO game java applet for people to play locally. For more detailed descriptions, please visit Thanks.

    Othello :: Download Source Code
    Java Othello applet featured by spinning stones.

    Ouahi Ahmed :: Download Source Code
    About any things concerning what I mentionned in "Keywords". I still thinking thatis "Java"who shall build from those elements, some things respectable... Thank You!!

    JavaChess Interface :: Download Source Code
    This JavaChess Interface allows you to play on any Internet Chess Server. You are able to save your games on your local computer in a PGN format. You must have a browser that supports Java 1.1. Enjoy :-) EERIE JavaTeam

    Chess for Internet :: Download Source Code
    Chess for Internet supports chess games via Internet. Features: Chat.

    JavaMines :: Download Source Code
    A Java-clone of the famous Mines Game made in Microsoft... This game is intended for humorous purpose only. Thanks go to Robert Donner, Curt Johnson and Microsoft Corporation for the original concept. You can use and abuse of this code. Only one preach, if you like (use, distribute or hate) this code, please, visit our sites so we can wake up the counters. (You can also mail us your disappointment so we can stop writing such annoying code!)

    JavaFrisk :: Download Source Code
    Multiplayer Risk game written in Java. At least 3 players are recommended for each game session. Please read the information on the page.

    Checkers Playing Wonder :: Download Source Code
    Plays a strong game of checkers, using standard rules, with forced captures and multiple captures. Supports 0/1/2-players. Implements Minimax algorithm with alpha-beta pruning and selective search deepening. This applet is written with the goal of having a long lifespan, so check it out. Who knows, you may become hooked!

    Automaton Wars in Java :: Download Source Code
    An applet version of the classic computer board game Automaton Wars (also known as Critical Mass, Explosion or Atoms). Features a 3D view of the board and a well-'ard computer opponent.

    Peg/Marble Solitaire :: Download Source Code
    Peg/marble solitaire applet.

    Parcheesi :: Download Source Code
    Play Parcheesi against three tough computer players. Follows all standard Parcheesi rules.

    JaGo :: Download Source Code
    JaGo is a Java applet that plays the game of Go. The game of Go is an ancient board game very popular in China, Japan, Korea, and now all over the world. The rule of the game is simple, yet game itself is very challenging.

    MineHunter :: Download Source Code
    The program Mine Hunter is the port of a game that I wrote for the Macintosh a few years ago. It is an implementation of a game that comes with the Hewlett Packard graphing calculators. The point of the game is to navigate your tank (the icon in the upper left-hand corner) safely through the minefield and rescue the soldier who is stranded in the lower-right hand corner. Although the mines are hidden, the mine detector tells you how many mines are directly adjacent to your current position.

    Battleships :: Download Source Code
    Play the game Battleships against the computer. Good Graphical user interface and Options.

    Chess against your computer :: Download Source Code
    With this applet you can play chess versus your computer. The applet requires a bug-free Java runtime: it sometimes crashes Communicator 4.05 (Win32). All chess laws are implemented. The applet uses the alpha/beta-algorithm and looks more than 3 halfmoves ahead.

    Hare and Hounds :: Download Source Code
    A 19th century board game invented in France, where it's called The Military Game. Martin Gardner in Scientific American says it 'combines extreme simplicity with extraordinary strategic subtlety.'

    Bolongas zBalls :: Download Source Code
    Just another Bolongas game. Real fun - you can't win!

    othello3 :: Download Source Code
    three dimensional reversi/othelllo game with sound! [one of the oldest reversi/othello applets around, though the interface has gone through many iterations.]

    Connect-4 :: Download Source Code
    Do you remember the classic game 4-in-a-row? Now you can play it again, but this time against the computer. Can you beat it?

    JOthello :: Download Source Code
    A small game of Othello, which can be customized...

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