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  • Five Card Stud :: Download Source Code
    Play Five Card Stud at the Red Eye Saloon in the Rhodes Arcade! Bet you can't beat Black Bart!

    Run 21 :: Download Source Code
    The Game of Blackjack and speed in one combination. Try to get five hands as close to 21 without busting. Do this within 40 seconds. You must get a total of 97 or more to even score. The score factor is multiplied by the time remaining, and this is your score. Have fun and enjoy.

    Blackjack :: Download Source Code
    interactive blackjack game

    poker :: Download Source Code
    A nice videopoker game.

    JavaGuts 2 :: Download Source Code
    A simple three card "Guts" poker game played against three computer controlled opponents. There is just enough AI at work here to give you a good challenge.

    Run21 :: Download Source Code
    This is five-hand speed Blackjack. The object of the game is to score 97 points or more with 5 hands of Blackjack while racing against a clock.

    Royal Flash :: Download Source Code
    Build the best poker hands vertically and horizontally in a 5x5 grid while racing against the clock.

    Super Blackjack :: Download Source Code
    An outgrowth of the card class (, this is a casino blackjack game that is also a simulation. You can try out new rules and see if they make money! All rules accessible without recompiling.

    BlackJack :: Download Source Code
    Self playing Blackjack with basic strategy simulation and card counting.

    Sum31 :: Download Source Code
    Try to score 31 points in every row and column of a 5x5 grid.

    Dragon Casino Interactive BlackJack :: Download Source Code
    An Interactive BlackJack program written in JavaScript offering plenty of play options.

    11Up :: Download Source Code
    Remove cards from the board in groups totaling 11.

    Zip21 :: Download Source Code
    Get as many Blackjacks as possible using an entire deck.

    Java Poker :: Download Source Code
    Five-card draw poker with one draw. Jacks or better to win - need an ace to draw four.

    Rossi Engineering's Cribbage Applet :: Download Source Code
    Play cribbage against this applet. Has both automatic and manual pegging options. Distributed under GPL.

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