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  • Scissors, Paper, Stone :: Download Source Code
    This is a graphical version of the traditional scissors, paper, stone game written in JavaScript for Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. The game is simple but the coding showcases a clever method for conditionally executing different lines of code as required by the two different browsers.

    Tetris Applet :: Download Source Code
    It is cool Tetris game!

    Jim Pearson's Programmer's Phrase Generator :: Download Source Code
    The Java Programmer's Phrase Generator is an applet which creates sentences from sentence components, with settings for mood (mischievous or productive) and even allows you to add your own session-specific words. The sentences are often funny or at least entertaining. The Phrase generator is an exercise in collections, events, and OO logic. The source code is available by contacting the author. HAVE FUN!

    Game Of Life :: Download Source Code
    The famous lock screen now available in Java :)

    Lottorobics :: Download Source Code
    Lottorobics, the Pick-6 Lotto exercise applet, gives your Pick 6 Lotto numbers a thorough workout to see how they fare over a long period of time. If you buy your Lotto tickets twice each week and still aren't rich, the problem may be flabby balls. Winners are tracked for all the paying amounts, and the applet reports how many simulated Lotto years it has run. This applet and its source code are featured in the book Teach Yourself Java 1.1 Programming in 24 Hours by Lottorobics developer Rogers Cadenhead.

    The Smiley Face Generator :: Download Source Code
    A Java applet that creates a user definable smiley face and makes a the world a better place.

    Lingo :: Download Source Code
    Lingo is a game in which the player gets 5 chances to guess a five-letter word.

    DumbLuck :: Download Source Code
    This is a game for three players where absolutely no skill is required. Simply hit the button on your keyboard correlating to your color to stop the flashing light. What you land on is what you get. The player with the most points at the end of three minutes is the winner.

    JavaScript Roulette :: Download Source Code
    This game of American Roulette was written to demonstrate the potential of JavaScript for Internet and Intranet applications. It relies heavily on the JavaScript Image object, so runs only on Netscape Navigator 3, Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. Java Applet Version Coming Soon.....

    Game of Life in Java :: Download Source Code
    John Conway's Game of Life is not really a game, but some kind of artificial life simulation. According to some simple rules, the population of cells will die or multiply. It's possible to select from a predefined list of `populations' or you can create your own population and see what happens over serveral generations. The applet is very small and will load pretty fast.

    JTrek :: Download Source Code
    Netrek client written entirely in 100% Pure Java

    Craps! Applet :: Download Source Code
    The classic dice game of craps in Java applet form. Includes custom-made rolling dice images, and decent .au sound file for the rolling sound. Uses threads to controll the rolling of the dice. Users can wager any ammount of money (no REAL financial transactions ever take place). Adapted from an applet in the book Teach Yourself Java 1.1 Programming in 24 Hours, by Rogers Cadenhead, as a way to learn Java this past summer during an internship for an ISP.

    Classic Life Game :: Download Source Code
    "Life" is a self-developed system which attracts attention for more than 20 years. This is yet one implementation of it.

    Keno :: Download Source Code
    Keno is a lottery-like game where you pick twenty numbers. The computer then picks twenty of 50 numbers, and if you match enough, you'll win some $$$. Be careful, though. The $500 you start out with can quickly disappear!

    Barnyard Animals :: Download Source Code
    This is a game for children under six that shows different barnyard animals and asks the user to click on a particular animal. The animal then makes its sound. It continues to play by randomly picking 3 more animals out of 8 animals and putting them randomly in 3 of 7 places.

    Eliza Chat Bot :: Download Source Code
    Eliza is one of the classic models for chatter bots. This version of Eliza is written in Javascript. Using hidden frames, The User Interface is seperated from the Chat Bot's engine, Simulating a client / server style of chat bot. This Applet contains a good example of manipulating strings.

    nESt cOLLECTIVe :: Download Source Code
    nESt cOLLECTIVe is a strategy game that steps away from anything you may have seen done in Java before. Build an army of ants to rid the scourge that the Enemy has wrought on your colony.

    Jump Man :: Download Source Code
    This is a simple jumping action. Please eat flying bugs.

    Compare It! :: Download Source Code
    Teach elementary school children the logic of the math operators greater than, less than, equal, greater than or equal, less than or equal, or not equal using numbers, words, symbols, or a combination. A great resource for elementary school teachers.

    Change It! :: Download Source Code
    Teach elementary school children the basic of money with this application. You choose which coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, or half dollars) to use and you have to add them all up! You also can select to use either coins or words in the problems. A great resource for elementary school teachers.

    Mad Math Minutes :: Download Source Code
    Teach elementary school children the basics of math using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You select the number of problems, type of math, and other options and then solve the problem. A great resource for elementary school teachers.

    Instant Go :: Download Source Code
    A quick, fun multi-player game of Go. The game matches players automatically for game-play and chat. Supports 4 board sizes. Some players are high-ranked.

    One Bad Games :: Download Source Code
    A multi-games applet (17 games) including puzzles, cards games, etc...

    Wheel of Fortune Game :: Download Source Code
    Web-based ?Wheel of Fortune? game. This game can be played on a standalone PC in a simulate network environment. Moreover, it can be play in a real network and multiplayer environment via a connection to the web. Written in Java. This game programs consist of a server application(WheelServer.class) and a client applet(WheelClient).

    (Yet Another) Life :: Download Source Code
    A Java version of Conway's famous Life game/simulation. Requires a JDK 1.1 compliant browser.

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