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  • Amazing Hangman :: Download Source Code
    This is the famous hangman game. Including graphics.

    Programmer's Minesweeper :: Download Source Code
    Programmer's Minesweeper is a game for Java Programmers or for anyone who likes to watch a machine play Minesweeper. You may learn a few tricks!

    The Mysterious World of MISSED! :: Download Source Code
    Find the Six Keys to a successful Web site in this parody of Myst!

    Comilon :: Download Source Code
    Game Comilon: Eat apples and collect score. Do it fast to collect more score. Beware of falling rocks and bombs. You can move bombs and rocks, but only one at the same time. Occasionally it's necessary to use bombs or rocks to finish a level, ie when there are no apples left. There are screen messages inside the game telling you what to do. Invent your own levels! For more information see readme_.txt or comilon.html which are part of in the source URL mentioned above.

    Childrens Mathgame :: Download Source Code
    Childrens mathgame K- 4th grade. Simply arithmetic problems.

    Game of Life :: Download Source Code
    The famous "Jeu de la vie"

    MarkSix Generator :: Download Source Code
    MarK SIx Generator is Javascript which generates 6 to 46 random numbers out of pool of 47 numbers. The total betting amount will be calculated.

    JSnake :: Download Source Code
    Problem solving game written in Java. The idea is to fill the screen without crossing your path.

    Trap! :: Download Source Code
    Trap is played on a 4x4 grid. You have four yellow chips(Sloops), and you are trying to trap the two red chips(Moo Goos).

    Blonk :: Download Source Code
    Its all about a person called troeger. During the game one has to find out waether he is a original human being or a clon. Have fun.

    Java Minesweeper :: Download Source Code
    Java version of Windows Minesweeper, but doesn't keep score (yet).

    GameOfSticks :: Download Source Code
    One player (against computer). Start with (e.g.) 25 sticks, draw max (e.g.) 5 sticks per move. Whoever is left with the last stick, loses. Source code available. Decent introduction to Java - applets, events,...

    Bridges :: Download Source Code
    Bridges is a Game where you and the computer take turns placing bridges on the board. The object is to complete a path from left to right while the computer tries to complete a path from top to bottom

    Links :: Download Source Code
    Bridges is a Game where you and the computer take turns placing links in a path. The object is to leave the computer with no possible moves.

    Knight's Tour (Chess board puzzle) :: Download Source Code
    Knight's tour is one of the wellknown chessboard puzzle. The knight has to start from any of the square and visit all the squares in 64 moves taking care not revisit any square. This applet uses heuristics to solve the puzzle. The download achinve contains source code .

    Rockslide! :: Download Source Code
    Rockslide is a game, similar to the children's game Avalanche. You take turnrs adding rocks to the board. the goal is to get a larger number of rocks to fall through the gates than your opponent.

    Java Minesweeper :: Download Source Code
    Java version of Windows Minesweeper, optimized for Netscape 4, keeps score during your browser session.

    MazeGen :: Download Source Code
    Maze generator which creates and solves mazes, using three different algorithms.

    GameOfmn :: Download Source Code
    This puzzle works like the old game that most kids have had. A board with space for 4x4 tiles, but only contains 15 tiles. So you can move the tiles by sliding them to the right position. A puzzle most find entertaining. Has lots of swithes to make different settings.

    Cows And Bulls :: Download Source Code
    This is the famous cow and bull game where a player guesses the 4 digit number generated by the game. All the best

    WordJumble :: Download Source Code
    This applet uses recursion to determine the word combinations that can be created from a given set of characters. An interesting resource if you like solving Word Jumble's or you're interested in recursive programming. Free source code.

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