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  • *Phraser* :: Download Source Code
    A tile-puzzle that involves solving phrases. One solved the tile-locations in order to obtain letters of a phrase. The level-of-difficulty goes from 2*2 to 6*6. Phrases get longer with the increasing levels of difficulty.

    Cypherspace :: Download Source Code
    A cryptogram game that offers 100 different puzzles, online help, automatic hints, and a solving timer. It remembers which puzzles you've already solved and keeps track of your best solving time.

    Ted's Puzzle Applet :: Download Source Code
    a small java applet that takes an image and breaks it up into small pieces... randomizes them... and allows the user to reassemble them.

    Jacob's Ladder :: Download Source Code
    The classic puzzle implemented in java with the source code and customizable pieces.

    double :: Download Source Code
    This is a highly addictive loopz-like game.

    Disappearing Person Puzzle :: Download Source Code
    One of the few (three) disappearing person puzzles in the world, and the only one on the internet (they are very hard to draw!!!). A must see for thinking puzzle types.

    Slide Puzzle :: Download Source Code
    This slide-15 game is also supporting the network server and client connections. If a player break the record he/she will be asked to submit information about the user and the info will be displayed in the applet. This applet also allow user to read and subbmit comments through the applet.

    double :: Download Source Code
    This Loopz-like game is highly addictive. Latest feature: The Global Highscore List with 100 entries!

    Fox-At-Sunrize :: Download Source Code
    In this game there are five foxes hidden in the forest ( field 10x10 ). Your task is to find all of them for as little steps as possible.

    TileFall :: Download Source Code
    A deceptively simple tile game

    Pentomino Puzzle Solver :: Download Source Code
    This App/Applet solves a childhood puzzle, the Pentomino Puzzle. There are 12 pieces of varying shapes, each consisting of five units each. Each piece must be fit onto a certain size board. This App/Applet lets you choose from 4 board sizes and will find a soulution.

    Tetris_ :: Download Source Code
    Fast loading with smooth animation and nice graphics. Source code is available for educational purposes.

    Jaava-Puzzle :: Download Source Code
    A fast, smooth puzzle with a choise of three different sizes. In Finnish.

    RatInMaze :: Download Source Code
    RatInMaze game is a puzzle where you solve the maze to help the rat come out of the maze. The rat in the maze is hungry and responds to the cheese that it can sense in its neighbourhood. Keep the rat alive by feeding him with the cheese and take it out of the Maze. Source code with explanation is free for Java lovers.

    Shuffle :: Download Source Code
    This is a popular shuffle game . Which has numbers arranged in random order. Press the shuffle button to rearrange the numbers on the squares. Challenge is to arrange the numbers sequentially with mouse clicks in less number of clicks.

    Puzzle v2.1 :: Download Source Code
    Puzzle is a simple class implementation of the classic well-known Puzzle game. Thi version has more customizabe features and fancy graphic.sls

    Peg Solitaire :: Download Source Code
    Traditional English cross peg solitaire game. Includes 8 board positions, Undo, and Reverse Solitaire option.

    MazeWorks Tower of Hanoi :: Download Source Code
    The classic puzzle. 3-12 disks, manual or autosolve.

    TacTix :: Download Source Code
    Created by the brilliant Danish inventor Piet Hein in the late 1940s, TacTix is a variation of Nim, one of the oldest of mathematical games.

    Puzzle :: Download Source Code
    A 15-piece puzzle which can make use of any image at any size. The ZIP file contains the .class, .java, documentation and an example html file.

    Puzzle :: Download Source Code
    A 15-piece puzzle which also supports animation

    ORV :: Download Source Code
    The source for the tetris game, The idea is taken from an Arthur C Clark book.

    Eggtris :: Download Source Code
    Tetris clone with good movement -- no frills and fun to play (addictive). It uses 1.2 so I don't know if it works in Netscape, but appletviewer runs it fine and all the source is on the above mentioned page.

    TriPeg :: Download Source Code
    TriPeg is a Java applet version of the well known game which has a triangular block of wood with golf tees for pegs. But, thankfully the computer takes care of placing the pegs for you!

    The Red Donkey :: Download Source Code
    This is a push block game, where you have to move the red donkey (symbolized as the master block) outside the board. The problem comes from all the remaining blocks, which can not pass through the gate. So there is little place to play.

    Joe's Puzzle Bean for Java 2 :: Download Source Code
    Puzzle Bean is built with Swing components for the Java 2 Platform. It provides: a customizable sliding block puzzle; support for images, including animated GIFs; an automated rule-based solver; and a reversible move queue.

    Ted's Implementation of Minesweeper :: Download Source Code
    The Classic Game. Features a Global High Scores List.

    Animated Knight's Tour :: Download Source Code
    An animated Knight's tour applet with source code. Just click on a square and watch the knight perform the Knight's Tour. You must have Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher or Netscape 4.05 or higher.

    Word Search :: Download Source Code
    Find words hidden in the letter grid. Fully customizable applet that reads list of words from one or more text files located on the server.

    IE DHTML Sokoban :: Download Source Code
    A three part series at that looks at building the strategy game, DHTML Sokoban. Join Rajeev as he explores data access techniques as he builds the Sokoban HTML Game (IE4/5) and IE5 Sokoban Level Editor using IE5's new HTA technology. Play DHTML Sokoban on-line or download the DHTML Sokoban game for your offline enjoyment.

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