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  • Surface Plotter (relocated) :: Download Source Code
    Plots surface of user defined mathematical functions and up to two functions can be displayed simultaneously. Supports boolean/relation operators to create conditional functions, and the surface can be rotated, tilted, or scaled using mouse operations.

    Java Graphics Machine :: Download Source Code
    What's it all about??? This is a utility to interactively create Java-scrolls, titles, buttons etc. You can set the parameters in the left frame and view the result in the right. When you are satisfied you can download the HTML-code and implement it in your page Optionally you can download the Java-class itself, but it's not necessary. In this prerelease however it is recommended to download it, since the java-class will change now and then...

    A-Jou Uni. :: Download Source Code
    Introduce A-jou Univ.

    Spherical Product :: Download Source Code
    This applet shows one method of geometrical modeling. Spherical product is a 3D surface made by combination of two 2D curves.

    SlowGrowth3D :: Download Source Code
    This revision adds a ControlPad class that creates a GUI for controlling the thread of execution and the number of globes to bond. The source code is now separated into one file for each class. (NOTE: Because of Netscape's security, they do not allow the use of the thread methods suspend (). Because of this, the stop button does not work properly. If you are using the Hot Java Web Browser, MS Internet Explorer, or if you run it on your own computer using appletviewer, it should work fine)

    Surface Plotter :: Download Source Code
    Surface Plotter plots user defined mathematical functions. It creates surface plot, contour plot, or density plot of given functions. Conversion from 2D image to 3D surface is also possible.

    Ray Tracer :: Download Source Code
    Simple ray tracer written in Java. Creates a ray-traced color image of a simple 3-d scene containing spheres with various optical properties and a texture mapped plane. A C++ version of the same program (also with source code) is available for comparison.

    Mouse Trap :: Download Source Code
    When the mouse enters an area, the applet automaticly loads another image in its place. Created by Weber Software. Visit please!

    GL4Java (OpenGL For Java) :: Download Source Code
    A OpenGL language mapping for Java. GL4Java is implemented with an JNI Library which is a wrapper to the system OpenGL driver ! The JNI Lib. supports Windows (NT/95), Unix-X11 (Linux, Solaris, Aix) and Macintosh ! Added: Netscape 4.5 Win32, Java2-Plug-In support. Since Version 2.0.0 GL4Java has a new object modell.

    Java Photo Cube :: Download Source Code
    The Photo Cube applet, version 3.0, is a spinning 3D perspective corrected cube (or other model) with pictures mapped onto its sides. Each photo is also a hyperlink, double-clicking on any of the faces will take you to another web page. You can also spin the cube in any direction you like, by dragging it and giving a good flick of the wrist. Supports frames and allows image sequences that fade on model faces, each image can have distinct URL associated with it.

    Dog 3D :: Download Source Code
    A Binary Space Partition Tree Viewer. Displays a 3D world, and lets the user walk around.

    Landscape :: Download Source Code
    Provides a "fly through" of a rendered 3D landscape.

    Alphablend :: Download Source Code
    Javademo about alphachannel blending of several images in real time, even during a graphical effect, calculated realtime. Sourcecode available for information. Applet made just to show some possibilities in Java.

    Fire applet :: Download Source Code
    Just a damn good looking fire burning on your screen

    Browser 3D :: Download Source Code
    Browser 3D is a pure Java, 3D engine: - The applet works like a VRML browser - You can use its engine to create 3D GUI for your applications - Binary Space Partitioning Trees - 3D primitives: prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone, sphere, TEXT - Multiple views of the same model - Buttons with 3D animations - Source code (3,000 lines) - Java 100%

    mjbWorld :: Download Source Code
    A VRML editor written in Java3D. Source code is availible and I would like to encourage people to contribute to it.

    FLIC Player :: Download Source Code
    This is a fully compatible FLIC animation player wich support both, Autodesk FLI and FLC formats.

    3D Viewer Applet :: Download Source Code
    This is a fully functional wireframe and zBuffer 3D Viewer with a Word 97 style toolbar. Runs fast under IE 4.01 !!

    PanoCyl :: Download Source Code
    The PanoCyl applet is a 360-Panorama viewer, similar to QuickTime VR. The technology used is the same as in most modern adventure games such as Zork GI. PanoCyl works by wrapping an image around a cylinder, with the viewpoint placed in the middle of it looking out. For this to work the image must be rendered using a cylindrical projection.

    3D Algorithm Animator :: Download Source Code
    3D Algorithm Animator (3DAA) has been implemented as a Java applet that allows a user to visualize an algorithm. The current version simulates a raytracer. Some of the important features are: The user can render an image of a scene. The user can create, modify, or select a scene. The path of a ray can be recorded. The 3DAA simulator has been implemented in a way that makes it relatively easy to include multiple 3D algorithms.

    ServicesJ3D :: Download Source Code
    This java application is a server that allow client use Java3D services. Java3D 1.1 and JDK 1.2 was use for server. JDK 1.2 was use for clients.

    HelloWorld EarthView :: Download Source Code
    Have a look at the earth from a freely selectable viewpoint. Print it or export it as EPS 88 file. Exported files can be edited with Macromedia FreeHand or Adobe Illustrator. Uses the highly accurate map data from xearth.

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