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  • "Video" Billboard :: Download Source Code
    This allows the use of several gif images to be rendered like an animated billboard..

    Slideshow Applet :: Download Source Code
    Not incredibly useful but nifty. :)

    bubbles Applet :: Download Source Code
    An applet that has many bubbles appear on the screen in a bubbly manner. It can be customized with the amount of bubbles, the color of the bubbles, and the number of bubbles. If nothing is specified, random bubble colors are chosen. A must see!!!

    iButton :: Download Source Code
    The iButton is a button for your web page that employs a 3-d effect when you press it. It is highly customizable, and can take on many parameters, including a text title for the is very similar in appearance to the buttons that are on IE3.0 and N 4.0b. A must see applet! Free for non-commercial use.

    Waddle :: Download Source Code
    interactive penguin animation. SRC available.

    Vaporware Flash 3 [EXPERIMENTAL DIGITAL IMAGeRY] :: Download Source Code
    Vaporware. Just the sound of it rolling off a journalist's tongue is enough to incite a cold sweat in developers and consumers alike. Vaporware hovers like a dark specter over many web & games projects, ready to wield its ugly head at a moments notice and send advance sales into a downward spiral so unrecoverable it makes Apollo 13 look like a routine mission. What exactly is vaporware? To put it bluntly, vaporware is a product or idea that has been announced but does not yet exist in a tangibl

    Array :: Download Source Code
    Light board style animation design and display applet.

    JavaScript Video Animator :: Download Source Code
    Animate your GIF pictures with a JavaScript player, and view the first cinema film ever made. Detailed German article available (

    Spider applet :: Download Source Code
    This is a simple applet that animates a spider! Full sources available, and it is free to download and reuse.

    FROG QUEUE :: Download Source Code
    An artificial life of froggie boids. Boss frogs lead queueing ones.

    SpikeFire :: Download Source Code
    A soothing fire effect applet. Nice to curl up next to on a cold day.

    Pixel drawer :: Download Source Code
    This applet draws an image by a fade, by dropping its pixels from the top, by shooting them from a focus or by shooting them from random points. It can also be set up to choose one of these methods at random.

    FROG CHART :: Download Source Code
    Watch the cool cute frogs animation thinking about mathematics.

    smartAnim :: Download Source Code
    This animation applet loads a series of Images, while showing the user the loading status.

    Kit.jar :: Download Source Code
    3 simple applets: Sposta.class - To move images on a left-right axis Gira.class - To rotate images on a vertical axis Pulsa.class - "Explosion" and "implsion" of images Unfortunately the instructions on the parameter are in italian

    Blinking Star Scroll Java Applet :: Download Source Code
    This applet has a blinking star background. The text scrolls down smoothly. The text color, star color and background color can all be specified. This example creates a holiday special effect.

    Starfield Text Applet :: Download Source Code
    This java applet has a multicolor real 3D starfield background. The text zooms out in the direction of flowing stars as if it is traveling through space. This example displays one solid color text on a two color 3D star background. The text color can also be random.

    DiaShow :: Download Source Code
    DiaShow displays a sequence of gif/jpg pictures.

    Animated Spirograph :: Download Source Code
    SpiroAnim is a Java 1.1 Component that displays an animation of a SpiroGraph. It's very easy to use. Just construct a SpiroAnim object and add it to a Container. The animation will start automatically. The animation thread has a low priority so it will not disturb important threads. The component is ideal to be displayed in an applet while the user is waiting for some data to be loaded.

    The PATH Train Simulator :: Download Source Code
    This multi-threaded applet simulates in almost "realtime" the wonderful PATH train system, which connects Newark, Jersey City, and Hoboken to NYC. The path system has a clock, a train factory (both running on their own threads), a schedule and a number of train tracks. New path trains are dynamically created by the train factory. 30 seconds whether it's time for a new train. One minute before a new train is about to leave, the schedule display for that train starts blinking.

    ISCBanner :: Download Source Code
    ISCBanner V1.1 is a Java image banner. It allows images to be scrolled to the left, right, down or up, or simply acts like an image animator. Users can define scrolling delay, the connecting URL, and the frame where the linked page will be displayed.

    Plasma Animation :: Download Source Code
    applet shows a nice plasma-animation. needs JDK 1.1 (IE 4 and NS 4 are supported) and looks best in high/true color (at least 32768 colors). source is available ( comments are german ). very slow connection from 10AM `till 5PM (GMT).

    ColorfulText :: Download Source Code
    ColorfulText lets you choose your text to display, and the text will jump randomly around the applet changing colors as it does this. You can choose the text, font, size, and style.

    Yig 3D :: Download Source Code
    Amazing 3-D bouncing line. Colorful animation. Good example of programming with animation and colors.

    Hypersonic Voxel :: Download Source Code
    Fly! A fast 3D terrain viewer using 'voxel' technology. Mouse controls. Java sourcecode is included.

    idx_fluid :: Download Source Code
    idx_fluid animates a fluid distortion over an image in realtime (looks x-tremely cool :). Feel free to use it for non-commercial purpose. Full customizable, source code included.

    idx_bump :: Download Source Code
    2d-Bumpmapper with phong-like shading. Feel free to use it for non-commercial purpose. Full customizable, source code included.

    idx_bump2 :: Download Source Code
    2d-Bumpmapper with phong-like shading, this time it uses a colored texture. Feel free to use it for non-commercial purpose. Full customizable, source code included.

    idx_fract :: Download Source Code
    idx_fract generates mandelbrot and julia fractals, zoomable with your mouse. Feel free to use it for non-commercial purpose. Full customizable, source code included.

    idx_tvscreen :: Download Source Code
    This Applet displays images based on a faked 18bit palette, this means no other colors than red, green and blue, each faded to black, are used. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Feel free to use it for non-commercial purpose. Full customizable, source code included.

    RADAR :: Download Source Code
    RADAR-Interface look-a-like navigation applet

    Sand Dollar :: Download Source Code
    This animation simulates a Spirograph-like figure. It exhibits a curious stroboscopic effect when watched for five or ten seconds.

    Java Animator :: Download Source Code
    Make animation from gifs.

    DNE Scan Button :: Download Source Code
    The DNE Scan Button is a JavaScript web additon which uses a common "mouse-over" event to change the selected GIF. The resultant code causes a bar-code picture to be "scanned". Full instructions, code examples, and *.gif's are offered free of charge. ".. pretty neat ... hun?"

    AnimatedAd2 :: Download Source Code
    We improved the original AnimatedAd by adding a mouse tracking feature. Now, visitors can literally play with your banner ads, as the mouse tracking feature turns your ad into an interesting game.

    Cross-Browser Scrolling Text/HTML :: Download Source Code
    This javascript program can display a list of text entries. In IE, a html files, possibly including pictures, in a scrolling window. It needs IE4.0/up or Netscape4.0/up.

    Layered Menu in Javascript :: Download Source Code
    A layered menu written in Javascript. It needs IE4.0/up or Netscape 4.0/up.

    Mosaic :: Download Source Code
    a mosaic filter and a layer mask with a Manga CG.

    ANIMApplet :: Download Source Code
    Put your animations on the web with ANIMApplet, a QuickTime-like viewer for Amiga IFF ANIM files. All Amiga display modes are supported.

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