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  • ClipControl audio applet :: Download Source Code
    A general, configurable applet for embedding audioclips in Web pages, with individually optional control buttons for Play, Loop, Stop and Load. These audioclip actions may also be tied to applet actions (eg, init, start, stop, etc). Demonstrated with clips from the Schoolhouse Rock educational cartoons of the `70's.

    AstroSound :: Download Source Code
    "Planets" move in the gravity field of "Stars". Planets make sounds after they move a certain length. This does not simulate the astronomical system exactly.

    Java Tablature :: Download Source Code
    Tablature is a set of tools that allows easy edition, publication and playback of Bass and Guitar Tablatures. Entirely written in Java, it works on Windows, Macintosh and Unix platforms ... and is Freeware !

    The ActiveX Jukebox :: Download Source Code
    For MSIE only! Give your visitors complete control over your pages sound without the need for a plugin. Functions include Play, Stop, and Random, along with song and styles selectors. Also a full-time display and a looping control. Uses ActiveX, VBScript, and HTML Layout control. Check it out!

    Midi-IT :: Download Source Code
    Midi-IT Script is a simple Javascript that enables you to list your own favorite songs and make them play continuously. With this script, you won't have to listen to the same song over and over again.

    Guitar Tuner :: Download Source Code
    Java guitar tuner whose interface mimics an handheld electronic tuner. Plays the 6 notes of a guitar a perfect pitch.

    Musical Set Theory Calculator :: Download Source Code
    SetTheory is a visualization, auralization and analysis tool for better understanding post-tonal music (classical music of the 20th Century). The applet allows you to hear and manipulate sets of pitches and calculates several interesting properties of the set classes you define. Also includes an introduction to set theory for beginners.

    diskJockey :: Download Source Code
    This applet allows you to be a DJ. You get real time control over two sound samples, at the same time. diskJockey provides the standard audio controls plus "scratch" which pushes the record backwards for an effect and for beat-matching. Also, you can loop sounds in the background, allowing for up to 4 sounds playing simultaneously.

    PCM .WAV file playing :: Download Source Code
    This applet plays a PCM .WAV audio file. The mechanism is encapsulated in a package called audio, full sources for which are included. Thus it is possible to play a PCM .WAV file from any Java applet or application using the classes provided with JDK, IE and Netscape without prior conversion to .AU format. Each data block of the .WAV file is converted to .AU format on the fly.

    BeatMeter :: Download Source Code
    This gadget is sort of like anti-metronome. Instead of klicking the beat for you, you have to tap the beat, and the beatmeter informs you how fast is the tempo your tapping. This one comes handy if your learning to mix songs together.

    MidiMutator :: Download Source Code
    A new version of the MidiMutator composers tool. The program takes data from two midi files and performs manipulations on them to produce new material. Native playback support (W95 and Linux tested). System intifile to set up starting environment. Utilityframe to call back previous work. Java 1.1 compliant. Supports Java Media Framework for playback. With projectfiles.

    Java CD Player :: Download Source Code
    This audio CD Player demonstrates the API options of WebSynth Streams. Choose a song from the list and push the play button to start the audio stream. 22050 Hz, 16 bit audio content.

    Schroeder Sampled Audio Editor :: Download Source Code
    - Supports arbitrary sample rates. - Supports sample sizes from 1 to 32 bits. - Supports any number of channels (mono, stereo, or more). - Plug-in architecture for file format conversion. - Cut/copy/paste/mix editing. - Undo and redo. - Sound format conversion, resampling, and sample size rescaling. - Plug-in architecture for synthesis and effects. The source distribution includes brief how-tos for writing file format converters, and synthesis and effect plug-ins.

    BackSound :: Download Source Code
    Plays background sounds for web page in random order at random intervals. Perfect for setting the mood of a page. Random delay factor and order add to the effect by simulating real life background noise. Can be customized with any number of sounds. Each sound is given a priority as to how often it plays and a delay factor to determine the relative length of silence follow the sound. Playback can be paused by clicking on the applet. BackSound displays either a image or the background color may be specified.

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