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  • Ascii Draw :: Download Source Code
    AsciiDraw is a little applet/app that lets you draw a picture and output the result as ascii characters for inclusion in email. Its neat because you can draw a map or an "ASCII Art" type picture using the mouse. Programmers will dig looking at the source to learn about implementing user interfaces. Run as an applet or an app.

    Spirograph :: Download Source Code
    Create interactive Spirographs on your desktop :: Download Source Code
    The applet generates endless series of "horn" shapes, organic flower-like forms generated by a set of parameters (number of arms, degree of bend, x-y transformations etc.). This representation of aesthetic form as a set of manipulable parameters opens for real-time artworks: The screensaver as art form.

    Grapher package :: Download Source Code
    The Grapher package is useful to display a GRAPH and to let the user select/move/modify NODES and [arrow]polyline-LINKS. The package supports: Zooming, Scrollbars, Clipboard, Saving/Loading a graph from disk. Follow this link and read more!!

    bobBall :: Download Source Code
    The Magic bobBall! Ask it a yes/no question, and bob the sugenius sage gives you prophetic advice.

    Welcome :: Download Source Code
    A new way to present places...

    La ville de Nimes :: Download Source Code
    A different way to discover a town ...

    TwelveToneToyBox :: Download Source Code
    TwelveToneToyBox uses colors, animation, and sound to teach the concepts of Dodecaphony, an influential area of early-20th-century musical thought. NB Netscape Browsers for WIndows after 4.05 are known to bomb loading this applet due to a bug in their implementation of java.awt.Component.resize(Dimension); Netscape browsers for Macintosh 3.0 and later run okay with some display errors due to long-standing bugs in their implementation of java.awt.CardLayout.

    EasyMandelbrot :: Download Source Code
    EasyMandelbrot is an intuitive and powerful Mandelbrot / Julia applet, with easy navigation, color palette choice, many different formulas and parameters to adjust...

    Gravitation :: Download Source Code
    Lt Massepunkte sich bewegen

    KRay Raytracer :: Download Source Code
    A simple extensible Raytracer written in Java. This raytracer rendors in real-time (using multi-threading) and is extensible. It allows you to define and rendor your own scenes, add new primatives and textures and use them in your scenes. Includes a windowed and in page version. Features include anti-aliasing, reflections, transparancy and it includes sample scene scripts, primatives and textures.

    Ringer :: Download Source Code
    A set of rings which are moving when you touch them with your cursor. Sound enabled.

    Java Graffiti :: Download Source Code
    Draw on a java brick wall using five colors. Hear sound feedback.

    Fancy letters :: Download Source Code
    Simply cool appet

    Wave :: Download Source Code
    A wave effect that can easily be plugged into your own applets.

    undergrowth :: Download Source Code
    Undergrowth is a forest scene made up from varying image sections. Click on various portions of the scene to alter it's display.

    Groovy Doodle :: Download Source Code
    Groovy Doodle is a doodle/sketch/drawing pad with multiple pen styles and palettes, and several special effects, including palette rotation and texture decay. It is optimized for use with MSIE3 at 800x600 screen resolution and "True Color".

    ImageViewer1.01 :: Download Source Code
    This applet is a customizable applet that uses a parameter driven list, from which the end-user selects to see a group of images. Once selected and the display button is pressed the image is displayed.

    EasyMandelbrot :: Download Source Code
    EasyMandelbrot is an intuitive and powerful fractal applet, featuring easy navigation, a great color palette editor, a large choice of formulas (Mandelbrot, Julia, Lambda, Newton and many more...), different color modes (zmag, decomp...) and many others parameters to adjust...

    SplitImage :: Download Source Code
    Class that allows to split an image in different images, all of them with the same size.

    Live TV :: Download Source Code
    You can watch 24 live TV channels if your browser supports javascript following the links on this page.

    Annotator Applet :: Download Source Code
    Easily add mouse-over pop up descriptions to any web page graphic with this small, simple applet. You will see the utility of this applet by following the demo link!

    JAVATRAFFIC :: Download Source Code
    Watch Highway Traffic Jams On Screen !

    KissMe :: Download Source Code
    Let your visitors kiss a picture of yourself or someone else.

    MusicML :: Download Source Code
    For fun and research we wrote MusicML, a XML DTD for sheetmusic and a Java MusicML browser. MusicML is, for non commercial usage, free available (dtd,java source included) for the XML community. Have fun

    Fireworks :: Download Source Code
    A demonstration of image/particle manipulation, showing a nice fireworks effect.

    Mondrian :: Download Source Code
    For those who like modern art. This applet randomly generate a painting in Mondrian's style. Click on the picture to change it.

    mecca :: Download Source Code
    This is one of my first (and only) Java programas. It draws a map of the earth and then you can click on two locations. It will then draw the shortest route between those two points. It is multilingual.

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