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  • Internet Fingerprint Scanner :: Download Source Code
    This Java applet is meant as a security joke. It claims to be able to scan fingerprints off the monitor of the computer using light pen technology.

    Web FX :: Download Source Code
    Slide show transition effects, including XOR to transition images.

    Slide Projector Applet :: Download Source Code
    This is a slideshow applet which can be used for showing a sequence of GIF/JPEG pictures, each with a title. Control buttons are provided for moving forward and backward. The images are loaded asynchronously using a separeate thread. The configuration is done using a config file. Each line of the file mentions the file to be loaded and the Caption to be displayed. All the gifs that you want to display can be kept in a separate directory and the directory can be passed as a parameter.

    Banner2.class :: Download Source Code
    A fully customizable scrolling text banner. Adjusting a few param tags allows this applet to be used for a multitude of sites.

    JCTMedia :: Download Source Code
    JCT Media is a Shafir Java Controls Toolkit product which contains GUI controls that allow Java Developers to easily add enhanced look and feel features to their applications. These controls provide several multimedia effects that will add a new dimension to any Internet/intranet applications.

    Slideshow Applet :: Download Source Code
    A useful applet for photographic albums and displays. This applet has many advantages over conventional HTML. (See the accompanying documentation) It features a slideshow mode to allow sequential access to pictures. This example is an album of my travels in Vietnam.

    Pixie :: Download Source Code
    Pixie is an applet which displays images in a vector format. The vector format, being scalable, can work out much smaller than conventional bitmap formats for some images. The viewer applet is very small; only 6k, and the format is also very compact (much smaller than Windows metafiles or any text-based format).

    Light :: Download Source Code
    Merges up to 5 pictures with another background image drawing them with a rippling effect

    Slide Projector :: Download Source Code
    This is a revision of the previous release. The major improvement is the addition of transitions between slides. There are a set of transitions which are chosen randomly. The images that are to be displayed are now passed as applet parameters. This is useful for people who would like to generate the HTML file from a CGI script. The font used for the title is now customizable. So is the transition delay. The images used for the forward arrow, backward arrow and the title image are also customizable.

    Transliteration Applet :: Download Source Code
    The Transliteration applet is a small applet that fades between a number of different images, using different user-specified effects (transliterations).

    EJB Power Point :: Download Source Code
    Power Point presentation on EJB.

    HotSlideShow :: Download Source Code
    Shows images in sequential order with NEXT and PREVIOUS navigation buttons. Provide a list of ares of interest within each slide. The hot area is zoomed, when mouse is moved over it. Attach a description label to the hot area. It is displayed, when the hot area is activated.

    Image Exhibiting Applet :: Download Source Code
    The Image Exhibiting Applet reads in a list of .gif or .jpeg image URL's and any text information from the html and displays a scrollable menu of the images from which the user can select an image for enlargement. The html specifies whether the image is exhibited to its actual size or scaled based on the dimensions of the applet also defined by the user.

    GrindShow :: Download Source Code
    This is a very simple and very fast SlideShow with source code. Feel free to download and use it. It is very FAST because it downloads the images in a different thread so that the first one is shown as soon as it is downloaded without having to wait for all of them to be downloaded. Future costumizability will be added.

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