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  • webrowse :: Download Source Code
    Under Unix, webrowse can be used for convenient file or URL loading remote control of Netscape or Mosaic browsers, for textual reference HTML markup, and, for example, for interfacing a browser to news and mail readers as a hypertextual external viewer for mail messages or news articles containing HTML or containing text with embedded URLs, mail addresses and other references.

    Rat Maze :: Download Source Code
    The applet demonstrates the use of the Neurosolver, a neurally-derived planner and problem solving system, as a brain controlling movements of a rat running in a maze in a quest for food. The rat acquires knowledge by exploring the maze using several strategies. Then, it can use the knowledge to plan paths to get to the food and satisfy hunger. If the rat's brain fails to generate such a plan (due to the lack of knowledge or if the rat discovers a discrepancy between its knowledge and the actual state of t

    Educational Program Demo :: Download Source Code
    Java applet that demonstrates primary grade tutoring in addition. User may enter and check his answer for an addition problem, or follow an animation that demonstrates carrying and addition. Complete with the author intoning the additions via tinny au files.

    Ringer :: Download Source Code
    A set of rings which move when you touch them with your mouse cursor. Sound enabled.

    MyEye Java :: Download Source Code
    MyEye Java is a collection of Java programs both for inclusion in your web pages and for learning Java itself. Most applets come with source code as freeware, including unfinished java code as I create it. All web pages are automatically generated.

    ProtoView InterAct :: Download Source Code
    Join companies like Baan, PeopleSoft, MCI and Web Modeler who rely on InterAct to bring their commercial applications to market faster. InterAct's small size and array of pre-built entities and line types provide sophisticated diagramming functionality "out of the box." Additional customization is provided using InterAct's rich programming model and use of user-defined objects.

    Framemap :: Download Source Code
    If you want to manage multiple frames with imagemaps and just one click here it's a solution to do it. Source Code Included.

    Thinking in Java :: Download Source Code
    The definitive introduction to object-oriented programming in the language of the World-Wide Web. The award-winning author of "Thinking in C++" has created "Thinking in Java" as a thorough introduction to those who have had some programming experience (not necessarily in C). Tthe latest electronic version of the book is freely available at :: Download Source Code
    A database on the 1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment, a Civil War regiment. I've been gathering data on the regiment for a few years and converted a dbase file to a flat text file and am accessing it via Java's URL class. Next step is to access an improved relational database of this info using JDBC.

    Daily Bible Bread :: Download Source Code
    Daily Bible Bread is an applet that displays a different Bible passage every day, as well as the feast associated with the day and the Bible readings used in mass on the day. It also allows you to review/preview these on past/future days too. A nice user-interface. Supports both Java 1.02 and 1.1. :: Download Source Code
    The Applet is not very usefull, but it's interesting to see.

    Change Image - Code Generator :: Download Source Code
    Fill in the form and the script create a cut-n'-paste document to use in your own pages to change image at mouseover. The image change works with Netscape 3.x and above and MSIE 4.x.

    Callisto for Java :: Download Source Code
    Callisto for Java is an IDE with customizable ( end-user written ) tools.

    Spangler :: Download Source Code
    Want a special sparkling image with your web page? You can use this applet. The Spangler applet offers you a realtime calculated spangle effect on any GIF or JPG images on your web pages. It's freeware and is only 4KB. Please try out the Spangler applet for your own web pages and let us know what you think. You can see the source code.

    Lifegame :: Download Source Code

    Lifegame 2Color :: Download Source Code

    Lifegame FullColor :: Download Source Code

    Lifegame 3D :: Download Source Code

    Minz's Gourmet corner :: Download Source Code
    Minz's gourmet corner has many recipes for cooking. Also you can learn JavaScript programming and Java Applet programming.

    Map Distance Calculator :: Download Source Code
    Calculate distances and areas on any map.

    Web Site controller templates :: Download Source Code
    Flash templates and animation free for your use.

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