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  • SubArctic :: Download Source Code
    SYNOPSIS: SubArctic is a new Java-based advanced user interface toolkit which offers features not found in other toolkits, such as: high level animation support, snapping (and drag and drop) interactions, overlapping, transparent, and composable interf

    JHLScrollPanel :: Download Source Code
    This applet demonstrates the ScrollPanel class, documented on my Java pages. It displays an image at various scales, and (when the image is larger than the applet Canvas) provides horizontal and vertical scrollbars. I wrote this applet in response to several e-mail requests about painting/updating Canvases.

    JHLPropertyPanel :: Download Source Code
    This applet demonstrates the PropertyPanel class. It simulates a tabbed panel, also known as a property panel. The tabs display an image at various scales. The demo uses tabs at the top of the panel, but they can also be displayed at the bottom. This applet was written in response to several e-mail requests for an applet demo of the PropertyPanel class.

    JHLTransparency :: Download Source Code
    This app changes the transparency colour in a gif file. I needed a good problem to experiment with Java programming, and I needed to make a few gifs transparent. Probably ScrollPanel is the most important class that came out of this exercise, though I have also documented some problems with Events and Dialogs. A snap-shot of the app running under Win95 is also included.

    Tabbed Focus Classes :: Download Source Code
    A package consisting of extended frame, dialog and panel components to provide shifting of component focus using the TAB/SHIFT-TAB keys.

    JavaScript Menu System :: Download Source Code
    Pure JavaScript Collapsible Menu System for Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, and WebTV!

    UCI Graph Editing Framework :: Download Source Code
    The UCI Graph Editing Framework is a class library for making graphical drawing applications (like MacDraw) and includes support for editing connected graphs. The design emphasizes understandability and extensibility. Approx. 10,000 lines of well documented source code and external documentation are available.

    Sgraphics :: Download Source Code
    Sgraphics is a glyph based graphics library used to compose graphical structures. It provides an alternative layout method that is similar to TeX, InterViews, and Fresco. AWT widgets can be added to the glyph tree as well. Sgraphics makes it possible to construct graphical displays that mix images, line drawing, and widgets on the same panal. Sgraphics also has a small framework for building graphical editors with tools, manipulators, and commands. This framework is similar to Unidraw.

    JavaTips Client Side ImageMap :: Download Source Code
    A fully functional client side Image Map, based on NSCA map files such as those made by MAPEDIT. Support for rectangular, polygonal, and circular regions. A text block "tool tip text" is displayed when the mouse stops within the region. The text is taken from the comment section of the map file. Tooltip box color, font properties are applet parameters. Class files available as well.

    SmartTextField :: Download Source Code
    A suite of subclasses of java.awt.TextField (as per JDK 1.0.1): SmartTextField implements GUI-standard forward (tab) and backward (shift-tab) behaviour. Abstract class NumberTextField inherits from SmartTextField and provides methods for treating a TextField as a Number. Four concrete classes inherit from NumberTextField and dynamically constrain values which may be entered: DoubleTextField, UByteTextField (0-255, i.e. unsigned byte values), DegreeTextField (0-360), and PercentTextField (0-100). Also som

    WebTOC :: Download Source Code
    New Resource and Source URL.

    JUILib :: Download Source Code
    JUILib is a simple class package for creating and managing parent and child Windows in an attemp to emulate a Multiple Document Interface (MDI). While this library seeks to emulate some functionality available in the MS Windows OS, it accomplishes this with a 'Pure Java' methodology to ensure and preserve platform independence. The library contains other GUI components, such as specialized Layout components and Splitters, customizable tool bars with graphical buttons, a Message box dialog class, access to

    Menu :: Download Source Code
    Just another graphical menu system with associated URLs, that allows the user to select an item, jumping to the corresponding URL. It allows the use of frames, but there is no possibility to associate any music effect. Its strengths are: -Easy to change the appearance. -Source code included (allowing the inclusion of new effects...) And now, a new version with more possibilities

    Ezd :: Download Source Code
    Ezd provides an easy-to-use, structured 2-1/2D drawing package for use with the Java AWT. A program draws by defining graphical objects and adding them to a drawing. Drawings are displayed by mapping them onto a view (a subclass of java.awt.Canvas) . Ezd maintains the display: drawing changes by the program are automatically reflected on the display, and mouse and keyboard events are transparently converted to method calls on the effected graphical objects. :: Download Source Code
    This is a class that creates a floating 3d shadowed text component. When the user clicks on the text, it sinks to the page until the mouse button is released. This class returns the event so the calling function can listen for the explicit event and act upon it. The component is quite configurable.

    DJT Demo Applet :: Download Source Code
    This applet demonstrates the capabilities of the updated public domain DJT Java package (Version 1.1).

    Dirk's Java Toolkit (DJT) :: Download Source Code
    DJT is a public domain Java package for GUI programming. It includes many classes which are missing inside the AWT which comes with JDK 1.1. An Example is the Gantt Chart class which allows the programmer to display time intervals along a time line. This type of display is commonly used in production planning and scheduling domains. Other classes include Graphs, Charts, Buttons, Trees, Outliner, a Progress Bar, a Password Window, Slider, etc....

    ProgressBar Bean :: Download Source Code
    GUI component that displays a percentage progress bar. Free source code.

    ProtoView JSuite :: Download Source Code
    The ProtoView JSuite is a low-priced bundle of 17 feature-rich JavaBeans components. The JSuite includes the following products; CalendarJ, DataTableJ, TabJ, TreeViewJ and the WinJ Component Library.

    ProtoView TabJ :: Download Source Code
    The ProtoView TabJ is a flexible JavaBeans tab component. Along with a variety of font, border and shadow styles, the TabJ supports; rounded or square tab styles, scrolling by tab or by page and placement of tabs above or bellow pages. The TabJ is available with or without source code.

    Menu Bars in your Applet :: Download Source Code
    This MenuDemo applet utilizes my MenuPanel class. Normally, Menu Bars are only allowed in an external Frame-based window. My class allows you to implement menu bars into any applet or Container without the need of an external Frame window.

    Ross Online Easy Navigation Menu :: Download Source Code
    The Ross Online is a user friendly navigation menu. It works in Netscape 3.x and Internet Explorer 3.x and up. Loads fast and uses less code than most other navigation menus.

    VasTabKey :: Download Source Code
    Now you can use TabKey in an applet for tabbing between fields. It will allow you to pass from a component to another using the TabKey and shift+TabKey to go back (like in every Windows application). It will also execute an action when you hit ReturnKey when the focus is on a Button. Made with Java 1.02, so it's working with all JVM, including Java 1.02 browsers (Netscape 2.02, IE 3..) Full source code available after registration (12 USD).

    Osiris Foundation Classes :: Download Source Code
    Do you want to build a powerful Java applet/application without distribution nightmares? Osiris Foundation Classes (OFC) is a Java package of all of the following functionality: Tab Control , Grid Control (complete with moveable columns, resizing columns, sorting, and image display support), Tree Control, StatusBar Control, Toolbar Control, and many more! Best of all, it less the 80K!

    Jipe :: Download Source Code
    Jipe - The Free Java IDE, Allows Java developers to write, compile document and run Java applets and applications from one GUI environement. Features include an excellent editor which supports colour sysntaxing and auto-indenting, a project manager, jar file manager, document indenter, and on-line documentation.

    Tree Control :: Download Source Code
    The TreeControl applet provides a tree like menu system containing http links to other pages. Each item has a title and can contain an icon. Folder items can have two icons one each for open and close states. Each item can have a http link to another page. And each item can have a status bar message that appears when the cursor is over the item. Written in java 1.0 api to be backward compatible.

    DynaKeys :: Download Source Code
    Java class provides a virtual keyboard frame for pen-based or touchscreen based applications and applets where a normal keyboard is not feasable.

    Mica - The Widget and Vector Graphics Editor Framework :: Download Source Code
    Mica is a free, modern, object-oriented 2D vector graphics and widget toolkit for Java with a heavy emphasis on ease of use and the ability to mix widgets and node-arc graphs. Includes large numbers of widgets (tables, tree lists, and property panels), (node-arc) graph layouts, and a suite of appletcations including a network graph editor with customizable drag-and-drop palettes which reads and writes simple ASCII text graphics files.

    MultiLineLabel JavaBean :: Download Source Code
    MultiLineLabel is a JavaBean for displaying multiple line text labels. It supports line breaks, line spacing, tab expansion, margins, line wrap, font selection, height autosizing, and a multi-line property sheet editor. MultiLineLabel can be used as either a JavaBean or a simple class. The free version of MultiLineLabel has the line wrap feature disabled and is licensed for evaluation, development, and non-commercial use. An unrestricted version and source code version are also available.

    EditList JavaBean :: Download Source Code
    EditList is a standard AWT List component extended to let users interactively add, remove, and replace items and reorder items using drag-and-drop. Ideal for entering and updating lists, selecting subsets of lists, and indicating order, ranking, priorities, and sequences. The Free Version of EditList disables the ability to change the edit dialog title and is licensed for evaluation, development, and non-commercial use. Product and Source Code versions are also available.

    Inside AWT :: Download Source Code
    Making your own UI Components Migrating the Components to AWT 1.1 Serializing UI Components The author offers you an inside look of AWT, which helps you to make right design decisions, if you are creating UI Components. He also signals some of the AWT limitations and a bug of JDK 1.1.x, which isn't fixed in JDK 1.2 beta 3 either. Word count: 5000 + Source code: 1000 lines.

    JEditList Swing JavaBean :: Download Source Code
    JEditList is a Swing (JFC) JList component which users can interactively edit, reorder, and navigate. Provides full JList compatibility plus insert, delete, edit, cut/copy/paste, drag, sort, jump-to, page scroll, undo/redo, and more. Ideal for entering & managing lists, selecting subsets, searching, & indicating order, ranking, priorities, & sequences. Free Version disables customization and is licensed for evaluation, development, & non-commercial use. Product & Source Code versions also available.

    DHTML-based WYSIWYG HTML Editor :: Download Source Code
    Learn how to use built-in features of Internet Explorer 4.0 to create a real WYSIWYG HTML Editor. Add a rich HTML text control to your forms, build a custom editor with your own formatting commands, and more!

    BuildIT! :: Download Source Code
    BuildIT! is a GUI JAVA builder written in C++ with QT library. It was tested on Linux and Solaris.

    CourseWare Toolkit :: Download Source Code
    CourseWare is a Java 1.1 toolkit for building web-served science lessons. This is a simulator approach, where lessons provide a collection of preset scenarios to demonstrate the lesson, and buttons to spawn reader windows for homework, lab discussion, references, etc. Popup menus are auto-generated from a parameter file that configures the simulator and scenarios. Sample modules include DaisyWorld, Conway's Life, Calculus, several Ecology lessons (population growth, isoclines). There is a Programmer's Gu

    JFCDataCalendar :: Download Source Code
    The JFCDataCalendar is a calendar JavaBeans component designed for Java scheduling and Personal Information Manager (PIM) applications. JFCDataCalendar has an easy-to-understand API for programming as well as a number of features provided through customizers (point-and -click property pages that allow developers to create settings without code).

    JFCDataExplorer :: Download Source Code
    The JFCDataExplorer creates a treeview that allows users to drill-down on data structures and display corresponding tables in the right-hand pane. In addition to a grid, this flexible component "opens" the right-hand pane to allow placement for any Java Panel or Component making it the perfect UI for organizing and streamlining application data.

    JFCDataInput :: Download Source Code
    JFCDataInput is a library of extensions and components for JFC. This package enhances the current data input components (Mask Edit & Numeric) found in JFC, but also adds new components like Date Edit, Date Edit Long, Currency and Time. The JFCDataInput customizers extend the use of these components by allowing developers access to properties without having to write code.

    JMultiLineLabel JavaBean :: Download Source Code
    JMultiLineLabel is a Swing (JFC) component for displaying multiple line text labels. It supports line wrap, line breaks, line spaces, variable tabs, insets, font selection, height autosizing, a multiple line property editor, accessibility, and pluggable look-and-feel. Useful for dialog and about boxes, status reports and instructions, help and splash screens, etc. Works as either a JavaBean or a simple class. Free Version for evaluation use, Product & Source Code Versions also available.

    GridBagExplorer :: Download Source Code
    GridBagExplorer 2.0.x is a programmer's utility which makes it easy to create GUI layouts using GridBagLayout and GridBagConstraints. A graphical preview window shows what the layout looks like, and source code can be generated and pasted into any application or applet. This new version was written using Swing and JDK 1.2, although it also runs on JDK 1.1 with Swing 1.1.

    BaseBar JDK 1.0 Toolbar :: Download Source Code
    BaseBar is a JDK 1.0 standalone Java image toolbar component that can be included in any Java applet or application. The BaseBar has no limit on the number of buttons that can be configured. Each button maintains three image states (normal, highlighted, and disabled). Two button types are supported by the component - "bounce" button and "lock" buttons. Buttons can be enabled and disabled programatically.

    VTGBar JDK 1.1 Toolbar :: Download Source Code
    VTGBar is a JDK 1.1 standalone Java image toolbar component that can be included in any Java applet or application. The VTGBar has no limit on the number of buttons that can be configured. Each button maintains three image states (normal, highlighted, and disabled). Two button types are supported by the component - "bounce" button and "lock" buttons. Buttons can be enabled and disabled programatically.

    VerticalLayout :: Download Source Code
    VerticalLayout is a free layout manager which is the vertical version of FlowLayout. It can be used in any Java version and is particularly useful for those frustrated by BoxLayout. Like FlowLayout it doesn't expand components to fill blank space.

    SwingStarter :: Download Source Code
    The SwingStarter application, in source and executable form, provides a quick start for building Swing based applications. It can be thought of as a very basic application framework. Features include a splash screen, a tips system to display a series of tips on startup, a stock table that displays quotes accessed over the internet, and the ability to play multimedia supported by QuickTime 3/4 including video and MP3 files (MP3 requires QuickTime 4).

    Table Bean :: Download Source Code
    Table Bean is a free (GNU Lesser General Public License), flexible, high-performance Java 1.1 data grid component.

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