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  • Graph It ! (en) :: Download Source Code
    "Graph It !" uses dynamically created pictures to draw the graph of your mathematical function. It is a good example of the possibilities of Javascript. This is the english version; la version francaise est a

    Graph It ! :: Download Source Code
    "Graph It !" uses dynamically created pictures to draw the graph of your mathematical function. It is a good example of the possibilities of Javascript. This is the french version; the english one is at

    Tikpaint :: Download Source Code
    Tikpaint is a vecor-based drawing applet coded for a university computer graphics-cource assignment. Two graphics primitives, polyline and ellipse, can be drawn using a normal or a bold line or continuous or discontinuous line.

    double dynamic linked list :: Download Source Code
    Example for double dynamic linked list.

    Tokenizer Laboratory :: Download Source Code
    The Tokenizer Lab allows you to exercise all of the features of the java.util.StringTokenizer and classes. These classes can be very useful for parsing command line parameters, configuration files, etc. The lab lets you experiment with them to see what parameters you would need to used them in your application or applet.

    tiny SNMP stack :: Download Source Code
    Tiny SNMP version 1 stack in Java. You can build a SNMP client with it.

    Inexact Alphanumeric Comparisons :: Download Source Code
    This little applet demonstrates a technique to test for similar strings, useful for doing things like searching a database, implementing a spelling checker, etc. Rather than use phonetics, the lDistance.isAlike method implements the Levenstein Distance Algorithm, a simple metric that compares strings and scores their similarity based on character additions, deletions and changes. Ported from C.

    jrad.util :: Download Source Code
    Finally - little yellow tool tips in Java! JRad Technologies, Inc. is releasing the source to some of our utility classes as freeware. These classes are 100% Java and pixel-equivalent to the Windows 95/NT 4.0 user interface. Included are ToolTip, ToolBar, ImageButton, FolderTab and GroupBox classes, with more to follow as we clean up and document utility classes. Full source is included. JRad Technologies' core product is j.rad, a comprehensive Intra/Internet database development environment. j.rad e

    Sock :: Download Source Code
    Sock is an "invisible" Java Bean that allows almost drag and drop TCP/IP programming. At present, using a tool such as Sun's BeanBox, you can set the host name and port number and connect other beans to either cause Sock to connect and disconnect or to be called by Sock when it connects, disconnects or receives data. There is a sample applet available with Sock, so you can see how to program with it outside of an environment like BeanBox.

    Appointment Reminder Applet :: Download Source Code
    This applet creates a frame which displays a weekly calendar which allows the user to select times to be reminded of an upcoming appointment. The appointment alert displays an animated barking dog which will periodically bark to alert the user of the upcoming appointment.

    ProtoView Data Explorer :: Download Source Code
    The only tool on the market that successfully delivers the Windows Explorer UI in a single/synchronized component architecture. Data Explorer combines a treeview with listview/viewer pane to create a powerful application front-end that can place any ActiveX component, VB form, ListView or Window in the right-hand pane. Features also include Outlook-style UI, OLE DB/ADO support, OLE drag & drop and checkboxes on nodes.

    ProtoView WinX Component Library :: Download Source Code
    The WinX Component Library offers a wide range of editing and display capabilities. Its eighteen ActiveX controls feature data input, formatting, database binding, graphical and three-dimensional display options. All components feature the latest in browser-based support to provide developers with seamless integration into web-based applications. Included are: data bound advanced TreeView, ScreenPrinter screen capture and printing utility, Date Edit with drop down calendar, Mask Edit, Currency, Numeric and

    ProtoView DataTable :: Download Source Code
    DataTable lets developers visually bind and display hierarchical rowsets in minutes. Child recordsets and their column headers are easily viewed in a grid format. DataTable features LookAhead typing, multiple column headers, sorting on column header clicks, OLE drag & drop, printing, export to XML, multi-column drop-down, images and text in cells, integration with WinX components for data validation (example: use a drop-down calendar for date-fields) and an advanced virtual memory.

    WildCardFileFilter :: Download Source Code
    The WildCardFileFilter is a FilenameFilter that accepts * as wildcards in its input. The wildcards can be used to filter a filename as well as a file-extension or both.

    ProgressBar :: Download Source Code
    This ProgressBar can be used anywhere you want to visualize a running process. You can specify background- and barcolors and position the bar along the x- and y-axis of the window in which it will appear. Uses doublebuffering and clipping to ensure smooth display. Runs in its own thread fed through piped streams.

    XY-Meter Applet :: Download Source Code
    Plotting one or more curves/functions into a 2D line chart (free configurable, interface to Javascript)

    JAVAB :: Download Source Code
    JAVAB -- a prototype bytecode parallelization tool: JAVAB is a prototype bytecode tool that can automatically *detect* and automatically *exploit* implicit loop parallelism in bytecode, i.e. the architectural neutral instructions of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Implicit loop parallelism is made explicit by means of the multi-threading mechanism provided by the JVM.

    JAVAR :: Download Source Code
    JAVAR -- a prototype restructuring compiler for Java: JAVAR is a prototype restructuring compiler that can be used to make loop parallelism in 1.0.2 Java programs explicit by means of multi-threading. The prototype tool does *not* provide a complete Java front-end (unicode escapes are not supported and only limited semantic analysis has been implemented). Moreover, it relies completely on the identification of `implicit' parallelism by means of annotations.

    LuckyApplet :: Download Source Code
    LuckyApplet is a Applet that translates code from the Luck Programming Language into ready to be compiled Java code.

    Java OOPDraw :: Download Source Code
    A very basic Java implementation of the popular Polymorphism example of Shapes given in every book on Object Oriented Concepts and Programming. Also there is no flcikering and the shapes that you draw stay on the canvas as you draw another shape.

    Make in Java :: Download Source Code
    Make in Java (jmk) is an application which is used to ensure that a set of files is in a consistent state. If jmk detects an inconsistency, it executes commands that correct the inconsistency. jmk is based on the make utility which is part of most Unix systems, but is designed to be easily run on a variety of machines and operating systems.

    BYACC/Java :: Download Source Code
    BYACC/Java is a quick-and-easy generator of Java parser code. As an enhancement to the original Berkeley YACC, it enables the output of Java source code from YACC-syntax code. Robust and and mature, BYACC/Java will be familiar to users of YACC for C. The generated code is small and light, requiring only one or two classes, and no additional runtime libraries. Available for Win32, Irix, and Solaris. C source is also downloadable.

    dial ActiveX Control :: Download Source Code
    ActiveX Control to use in applications to dial and to realize incoming calls.

    VasJava2HTML :: Download Source Code
    It is an applet which will make your Java source code "presentable" in HTML format. It will identify and colour Java keywords, strings and numerals. So, your source code will be more "readable" and easier to understand. Made with JDK 1.02, so it's working with all JVM, including Java 1.02 browsers (Netscape 2.02, IE 3 or better). Full source code available after registration (12USD).

    JavaStarter :: Download Source Code
    This is a very simple application that can be very useful to most programmers. If anyone have multiple services written in Java to start on a server he must start a JVM for each service. With JavaStarter the user can specify the command line for multiple applications and the application execute each application in a separate Thread.

    ArgChecker :: Download Source Code
    ArgChecker is a very powerful, versatile class which performs dynamic command line argument checking. It is recursive and flexible, relieving the programmer of the cumbersome task of complicated parameter checking.

    SableCC :: Download Source Code
    SableCC is an OO framework that generates compilers (and interpreters) in Java. It automatically builds strictly-typed abstract syntax trees (AST) and tree-walker classes which enable the implementation of actions on the nodes of the AST using inheritance. SableCC supports DFA based Unicode lexers (with lexer states) and pure LALR(1) parsers. It comes with some examples including a Java grammar and a small, fully functional BASIC interpreter written in less than 300 lines of commented Java code.

    DateFormat Functions :: Download Source Code
    Allows you to get a JavaScript Date object as a String in nearly an unlimited number of formats using an easy-to-learn format code.

    Native Macros :: Download Source Code
    This package contains a set of macros which can be used to minimize the differences between JNI and RNI. You can use these macros when building native libraries in order to minimize the amount of special case code you must write. This package also contains a sample Java application which illustrates the use of the macros, and which can be used as a template for your own native DLLs.

    mpEDIT :: Download Source Code
    mpEDIT is an open source project to build a text editor in Java. Source code included Allows EditBeans to be plugged into the editor Supports color syntax highlighting for Java, JavaScript, C++, HTML and VRML Supports multiple documents and multiple views Supports large (megabyte) text files Supports copy/paste and find/replace Supports unlimited undo/redo User selectable font and tab size

    WebCatch :: Download Source Code
    WebCatch connects to URLs, parses the entire document looking for links. It explores any link it finds up to n level. It also retrieves images (using a different thread for performance reasons) and replaces URLs so that the links continue to work on your local hard drive. Complete with a tutorial describing how it was built.

    DocItEasy :: Download Source Code
    This software generate HTML pages from Java or C source files (it will deal with Ada, C++ files in future versions). It generates also dictionaries and index files.

    The Violin Strings Library :: Download Source Code
    The Violin Strings Library is written entirely in Java. It provides a "Strings" class which comprises all the manipulation and test functions usually to be found in other common string classes like those known from C++. The functions themselves are static methods of the "Strings" class. You do not have to change your normal Java strings or replace the Java String class with another class.

    JavaInfo :: Download Source Code
    JavaInfo displays information about your Java environment, including available system properties, toolkit information (fonts and display characteristics), system locale data, system timezones, current threads, system colors, as well as "ticker-tape" displays showing memory usage and system response times.

    TextAreaPropertyEditor :: Download Source Code
    TextAreaPropertyEditor is a JavaBeans custom property editor for multi-line string properties. Unlike Java's standard string property editor, it supports entry of embedded line breaks and tabs. A separate editing window facilitates editing long strings, and it generates correct code for visual builders. Source for a TextArea bean using TextAreaProperty Editor is included. The Free Version is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use. A Source Code Version is also available.

    Java Font Viewer :: Download Source Code
    This applet allows you to view the character codes for the installed Java fonts.

    Linguist :: Download Source Code
    Linguist is a tool for building custom script compilers and runtimes. It's also a framework for organizing large Java projects.

    ADK for Win 3.1 :: Download Source Code
    ADK for Win 3.1 is a complete development kit for Windows 3.1. With ADK for Win 3.1, developers can create, edit, compile and run Java programs using Windows. Java applications built with ADK for Win 3.1 will run in any Java environment.

    MJDBC :: Download Source Code
    MJDBC is a freeware pure java package that optimize JDBC operations: it reduces the need to load the JDBC driver and to open and close database connections. The tipical use of MJDBC is in multithread servlet enviroment: instead of opening a connection to the database for each incomig request, you can reuse a yet opened connection. In MJDBC terminology, connections are thought as shared objects to be used in mutex way by a set of concurrent threads (i.e. the servlets).

    Beautifier :: Download Source Code
    Beautifier is a small (6Kb) and fast pure java filter for automatic re-indentation of java source files. It can be used either from the command line or as a class in another program such as an editor or pretty-printer. Beautifier has an open-source license, so it is free for download and redistribute, complete with its source code.

    COPF :: Download Source Code
    The Common Patterns Framework (COPF) is a library that offers expression building and evaluation. It supports distributed objects and Java Beans.

    STX :: Download Source Code
    The Swing Tree Extension (STX) is an extension to JavaSoft's Swing 1.0 that implements event firing from the nodes in a tree. It does so by offering an ExtendedTreeNode that supports a treeNode event set. A DefaultExtendedTreeModel is provided, which is based on the Swing DefaultMutableTreeModel and knows how to deal with these nodes.

    PCH :: Download Source Code
    The Property Change Helper (PCH) package is a small library that contains a utility class PropertyChangeHelper that can be used to delegate property change firing to. It is superior to java.beans.PropertyChangeSupport, because it supports listeners for specific properties.

    WebL :: Download Source Code
    WebL (pronounced "webble") is a scripting language for automating tasks on the World-Wide Web. It is an imperative, interpreted language that has built-in support for common web protocols like HTTP and FTP, and popular data types like HTML and XML. Two of WebL's unique features are service combinators and markup algebra.

    AnyTool :: Download Source Code
    AnyTool is an extensible program that provides an architecture for writing plug-in tools which automatically have support for multiple views of a document and multiple documents viewed per window. Several tools are provided as examples to expand upon. All source is provided free for perusal and/or reuse together with class files.

    Animated Algorithms : Sorting :: Download Source Code
    This applet presents a dynamic view of 5 basic sorting algorithms. It can be used to visualize how the algorithms work and what their performance characteristics are.

    ServletFactory :: Download Source Code
    ServletFactory is a Java Servlet development and publishing toolkit. ServletFactory consists of... ...a framework that allows you to use Servlets on web servers that only support CGI. ...its own web server with native Servlet support. ...JSP (JavaServer Pages) support for server-side scripting. ServletFactory is free and comes with source code.

    Bitmap and Metafile Utilities :: Download Source Code
    Display Windows Bitmaps and Metafiles as Java Components. Use applet for display or incorporate wmfImage and bmpImage components into your Java code

    WebMacro Sevlet Framework :: Download Source Code
    WebMacro allows programmers to develop server side applications (servlets) in standard Java, without dealing with HTML; web page designers can use a convenient template language to format the display of the generated information. Integration with many languages is planned.

    DFApplet :: Download Source Code
    This applet is a Deterministic Finite Automata simulator. You can use it to simulate and test (almost) any DFA.

    MemoryObserver :: Download Source Code
    MemoryObserver displays the free memory and total memory of JavaVM. You can embed MemoryObserver to your project, and observe the size of free memory changing. To execute this program, you have to have JBCL1.0 or JBCL2.0(JBuilder, Inprise).

    UgaUga :: Download Source Code
    UgaUga is a graphics API for Java. It gives you access to the pixels of its framebuffer, but you can also use prebuilt functions to draw graphic primitives. The framebuffer is abstracted and could therefore be drawn on every graphic buffer (i.e. DirectX Buffers using JNI, Java2D buffers, etc.). A simple event handling is also implemented which could be used to code Games, Demos, Effects and Beans using Java.

    The scheme package :: Download Source Code
    The scheme package is designed to allow Java programmers to create applications (or applets) with an embedded Scheme language kernel.

    WebMacro Servlet Framework :: Download Source Code
    WebMacro is a free Java servlet development framework and web template script engine. WebMacro frees programmers from having to deal with HTML generation, while freeing page-designers from having to deal with program code. WebMacro provides a Model/View/Controller architecture for writing Java servlets under the philosophy that "Things that you don't care about should get out of your face." The current release has been tested under Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Windows NT. It's free under the GPL; sou

    Dasein :: Download Source Code
    Dasein is a package of application services and class libraries that simplify the construction of persistent business objects in a fully-redundant multi-tier system. The application services include a security service that supports field level validation, a naming service that supports JNDI lookups of business objects and object services, and a transaction service that hides transacational issues from business object developers and supports connection pooling and data consistency across object services.

    Meme :: Download Source Code
    Meme is a package of classes that contain support the internationalization and localization of Java applications by providing Locale independent phrase translation and grammars for pluralization and conjugation. It also provides properties-based support for error messaging which enables localized error message and error message modification without source code recompilation.

    International Calendars :: Download Source Code
    Java Calendars and Date Formats for the Buddhist, Hebrew, Islamic, and Japanese calendars.

    NavBuilder :: Download Source Code
    NavBuilder is a simple to use Java program to create, organize and maintain a large class of web sites.

    P3P Parser :: Download Source Code
    P3P parser is a P3P protocol parser and constructor written in 100% pure Java. The package ( contains classes and methods for parsing, generating, manipulating and evaluating P3P proposals and responses. It also contains a parser and evaluator for "A P3P Preference Exchange Language" (APPEL).

    RuleBasedNumberFormat :: Download Source Code
    RuleBasedNumberFormat provides a simple and flexible language for describing how a number is to be formatted.

    SlideFinder :: Download Source Code
    SlideFinder lets you search and browse all your Lotus Freelance and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can enter text/keywords and find pages that contain the text, or you can find pages that look similar to another page. It displays a Graphical User Interface (GUI)showing reduced images of each page, and using the GUI, you can search for pages that contain text/keywords you enter, or you can do an image similarity search by clicking on a displayed page.

    TOAD :: Download Source Code
    SlideFinder lets you search and browse all your Lotus Freelance and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can enter text/keywords and find pages that contain the text, or you can find pages that look similar to another page. It displays a Graphical User Interface (GUI)showing reduced images of each page, and using the GUI, you can search for pages that contain text/keywords you enter, or you can do an image similarity search by clicking on a displayed page.

    StringSearch :: Download Source Code
    StringSearch is a fast, Unicode-friendly, locale-sensitive string searching class for Java that obeys the string-comparison conventions in different countries.

    Jill :: Download Source Code
    Jill is intended to allow system administrators to use Java in many places where shell scripts and Perl scripts are used now. It consists of two main components: an executable, (written in C), and a class library. The executable, called the Jill executive, transparently compiles Java source code, archives class files, and invokes the Java byte-code interpreter. The class library contains methods useful to system administrators.

    AIX for Java 2 :: Download Source Code
    Using IBM Java(tm) 2 port for AIX - technology preview, developers can create, edit, compile and run Java programs using Java 1.2 programming APIs. IBM Java(tm) 2 port for AIX is an early port of Sun's reference JDK 1.2 for Solaris, so there are some functional and performance limitations. This port does not yet include IBM functional and performance enhancements which will be present in a later full release working on all supported versions of IBM AIX. However, the vast majority of the Sun 1.2 JDK has run

    XML Diff and Merge Tool :: Download Source Code
    The Compare and Merge Tool for XML is a Java program that can be used for reconciling or understanding changes that a single user has made to his XML document OR for reconciling or understanding changes that several people have made to a single document.

    XML Enabler :: Download Source Code
    The XML Enabler is a servlet that can successfully implement stylesheets such as the LotusXSL technology. Using the XML Enabler, developers with any kind of browser can now send requests to a servlet and as the servlet responds, it formats the data using different XSL stylesheets. The system administrator can then configure which stylesheets go with which browser types.

    Bidi :: Download Source Code
    Bidi-RichEdit Control for Java is a set of classes for displaying and editing text with multiple character and paragraph styles.

    Rioja :: Download Source Code
    Rioja is a record-oriented (not byte-stream oriented) java input/output class library.

    RuleBasedBreakIterator :: Download Source Code
    RuleBasedBreakIterator is a class that analyzes text for boundaries between parts.

    Self Voicing Kit :: Download Source Code
    The IBM Self Voicing Kit (SVK) enables automatic speaking of Java applications.

    VisualAge for Java, Entry Edition :: Download Source Code
    VisualAge for Java is the award-winning Java development environment for building Web-enabled enterprise applications. A key element of the IBM e-business Application Framework, our IDE leads the industry with proven support for building and testing Java applets, servlets, and Enterprise JavaBean components. And it?s the only Java development environment that supports the management and development of Java applications that can scale from Windows NT to OS/390 enterprise application servers.

    Sentry Spelling Checker Engine Java SDK :: Download Source Code
    The Sentry Spelling Checker Java SDK provides everything you need to add a full spell checker to your Java applications. A key feature of the Java SDK is the spell check dialog class, which makes adding a spell checker to your application a snap. The spell check dialog works the way your customers expect: Just like the spell checkers in leading word processors. Dialog classes in AWT and JFC (Swing) are included. You can use SSCE's Java spell check engine in your application to check Strings, AWT Text

    SSI for Java :: Download Source Code
    A fully featured package which implements and greatly extends the Server Side Include functionality of web servers. May also be used to build static pages from HTML templates and data streams. Parses Html files, recognises standard SSI commands, offers many more commands. Includes several components which may be configured from inside the HTML page, to build advanced lists and tables.

    OpenXML :: Download Source Code
    OpenXML is an open source, pure Java, commercial-grade, fully featured framework for XML-based applications. OpenXML covers the entire cycle of XML documents production, processing and delivery for dynamic content publishing and application to application communication. Email Package :: Download Source Code
    A lightweight email API modeled after JavaMail that uses SMTP. It's a great and simple solution for sending email in servlets or other Java applications.

    Forge Cryptographic Provider :: Download Source Code
    The Forge Cryptographic provider is a JCE1.2 compliant provider that gives RSA key generation, key factory and signature services. It also includes ASN.1, X.509 and PKCS 1, 5 and 8 classes. It is freely available with source.

    ProtoBeans :: Download Source Code
    ProtoBeans is an ever growing collection of non-visual JavaBeans designed to handle the complicated task of communicating with various servers using the Internet standard protocols. The current collection includes the SMTPBean and FTPBean.

    SQuirreL :: Download Source Code
    A tutorial with sources on how to implement generic storing and retrieval of java-objects within an SQL-database. Targeted Linux-postgresql.

    CalendarTest :: Download Source Code
    This is Simple Calendar but fully Y2K compliant

    ChessTest :: Download Source Code
    This is Graphical Solution of Chess problem in which we have to arrange 8 ministers on Chess Board so that no one should cut each others

    WebMacro Servlet Framework :: Download Source Code
    WebMacro is a Java servlet development framework, including a template engine and extensible component model. It uses Java introspection to make any object in your servlet accessible in your template. WebMacro is free under the GPL, with alternate licensing available for commercial users.

    Javasrc :: Download Source Code
    Javasrc creates a set of HTML pages out of your Java source code. The format looks like javadoc, so you should find navigation very familiar. The methods and classes are cross-referenced, so you can easily navigate through the code by following the links. When you click on a definition of a class or method, you can see all the places in the code that reference that class or method.

    Running Pure Java as an NT Service :: Download Source Code
    This is a tutorial for creating an executable launcher for a pure java application that permits installing/removing the app as an NT service. Included are downloadable Win32 and Java source and binaries for an example, with emphasis on Java 2 apps. Unlike other solutions, this technique is not dependent on the MS Java SDK, and requires no special modification of the actual Java application.

    Jext :: Download Source Code
    Jext is a 100% Pure Java powerful text editor which has been written for HTML/Java porgrammers. This text editor provides many very useful functions which you'll discover below. Jext got some properties which make you're work easier to do: java and HTML syntax colorization, auto save, auto indent, floatable toolbar, customizable insert menu, key shortcuts for each item, unlimited undo and redo, methods seeker, accents conversion...

    njPipes :: Download Source Code
    This is version 0.50 of njPipes, an unofficial port of the CMS/TSO Pipeline product to NetRexx and java. The biggest new feature? The njPipes compiler now determines if a .njp file contains java or NetRexx code and can processes either. This makes njPipes simple to use from java. The second feature is improved tcpip support. Its now good enough for real applications. The examples directory contains a simple one called, tcpecho, which lets you watch sapgui sessions.

    ScheduleX :: Download Source Code
    The new ScheduleX combines three powerful, lightweight (ATL) components for calendar, task management and scheduling applications. Using the advanced Calendar, DayView and TaskPad components create Personal Information Management (PIM) software, project management and tracking, or any application that requires advanced scheduling.

    TemplateScript :: Download Source Code
    TemplateScript is a free software library written in Java that separates the work of writing Java code, and the formatting of any text-based code that it will return. It is being used internally to generate HTML code from servlets, and as the major part of a Java precompiler.

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