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  • RadarPane :: Download Source Code
    RadarPane is a scrollable panel, similar to java.awt.ScrollPane. RadarPane only works in Java 1.1 or better. RadarPane includes a radar view of the embedded component, which is a scaled down image of the entire child component. Users may navigate the viewport by using the scroll bars or by using the radar view window. RadarPane is a drop-in replacement of java.awt.ScrollPane in JDK 1.1+ .

    Gadget Windowing Toolkit :: Download Source Code
    DTAI has developed a complete windowing toolkit for Java graphical user interface (GUI) applications. This toolkit, the Gadget Windowing Toolkit (GWT) in effect completely replaces the Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) that comes installed with a typical Java Virtual Machine.

    JTK - James's Toolkit :: Download Source Code
    JKT is a small user interface toolkit that I developed during the course of writing a much more complex applet called GreenDesigner. It includes several useful classes such as an image button class, a progress bar class, a shadowed label class, and classes for drawing bar and pie charts. The source code and the JTK library are distributed as freeware under the GNU General Public License.

    Color Dialog :: Download Source Code
    Interactive Color selection dialog boxes that return 2 objects of java.awt.Color in foreground and background. You are able to select from the system supplied colors, or using RGB sliders construct your own custom colors. The users system color settings will determine the color resolution

    ToolTips Java 1.1 :: Download Source Code
    Generic ToolTips for any visible Java 1.1 component.

    HoverLabel :: Download Source Code
    HoverLabel and ImageButton are two beans included in They are packaged with the source in the jar format. Use jar xf to extract after unzipping. HoverLabel is a javaBean which can be attached to any component which implements the mouseEntered and mouseExited events. It will display a popup textbox if the mouse remains inside the Component for a period of time. ImageButton is a customizable bean button with a dropdown list of images, and it uses the HoverLabel.

    Java Pro-Tricks :: Download Source Code
    Have you ever wondered how to Float and Dock a Java Applet? How do you do a Split Window in Java? Are MDI (Multiple Document Interfaces) even possible with Java? Java's AWT provides the basic building blocks to enable all of these advanced functions. Learn how it's done thru working examples, including Source code.

    java no sugar :: Download Source Code
    A collection of applets which show off the features of the java language to people who want to learn java without having to wade through reams of syntactic sugar

    VasTabs :: Download Source Code
    This is a professional quality TabbedDialog class, which makes tabs "a la Windows". Highly configurable, allows tabs disabling and colouring. Made with Java 1.02, so it's working with all JVM, including Java 1.02 browsers (Netscape 2.02, IE 3..). Full source code available after registration (12USD).

    JScape PlannerWidgets :: Download Source Code
    JScape PlannerWidgets(tm) is a complete set of powerful date, time and task management components. This library includes all the components found in a powerful personal information manager or planner. Includes the following components, day view, week view, month view, year view, multi month view, month drop down, data entry dialogs and scheduler. All components interface with a data repository based on the model/view architecture. Uses include any application that manages dates, times, tasks or ranges.

    Grid Applet :: Download Source Code
    The grid applet uses a very configurable grid component. It has public methods for choosing colors for any part of the grid, the number of columns and rows, etc. It is also possible to add/remove and sort rows or columns. The grid can be configured to take up as little space as possible or to fill up its container.

    Java ImageButton :: Download Source Code
    An ImageButton that acts very much like java.awt.Button.

    N-tree :: Download Source Code
    This is an example of a n-tree, you can use it like some win95 menu also yuo can easily modify it. You can know how many fields are selected, which one is selected and the hierarchy structure. There is an example oh HTML file at the end of the source code. *

    QuickButton :: Download Source Code
    Are you bored waiting for an image to download in a applet ? Does an ImageButton, which you see on many sites, take ages to load ? Then here is a simple NON-IMAGE yet somewhat attractive and configurable button which loads quickly.

    ScreenDesigner :: Download Source Code
    A Screen Design applet that allows you to position widgets on a canvas under control of the various layout managers and see the difference. Particularly useful for gridbaglayout. It includes the ability to import a saved a design and work on it later. Primarily an instructional tool, but a designer can quickly layout a complex screen and generate java source code.

    QuickPanels :: Download Source Code
    After extending the Canvas to make a QuickButton ( I wanted to extend some other class for visual enhancement. Panel was a good candidate. Panel is a NON-VISUAL yet really convenient class in the Java AWT. These two QuickPanels are extended from the original Panel class, offering a visual enhancement by way of borders indicating the boundary of the panels.

    ToolBar Component :: Download Source Code
    It is a java toolbar component with tool tips which will work with java 1.02 upwards.

    List Component :: Download Source Code
    It's a java list component which will work with java 1.02 upwards. This component has been developed from the list box component orginally from Focus Asia. I've changed it to handle multiple selection and to set the preferredSize to the size of the table. The scroll bar has been removed, since we can always put it in a scrolling panel if we want to.

    Lightweight Component Scroller :: Download Source Code
    It's a java component scroller which will work with java 1.02 upwards. The lovely thing about this scroller is that it uses its own lightweight scrollbars. This makes it much more portable. Implementations of the awt scrollbars have been notoriously buggy in the past.

    TabSplitter :: Download Source Code
    TabSplitter is a nifty-looking tabbed panel with a unique feature: it allows a user to merge two tabs by dragging one on top of another. Tabs that are merged together are joined in a panel with a splitter bar between them so they can easily be resized.

    Progress Bar light weight component :: Download Source Code
    The progress bar component is a lightweight component that can be easily incorporated into most Java programs. A progress bar is made up of a rectangle boarder, background color, a foreground color, and a percent displayed in the center of the rectangle. The string percent displayed inside the progress bar will change colors when the foreground color of the progress bar paints over it.

    Scroller light weight component :: Download Source Code
    Scroller is a lightweight component that can be easily incorporated into most Java programs. The Scroller object wraps a horizontal and vertical scroll bar around a Canvas making the Canvas scrollable. The Scroller class must be passed an array of objects that implement the ScrollReadable interface.

    TextPrinter JavaBean :: Download Source Code
    TextPrinter is a JavaBean for printing multipage single font text documents from Java applications. It supports pagination, line wrap, line breaks, line spacing, tabs, margins, headers, footers, page numbers, date & time formatting, and font selection. TextPrinter can be used as either a JavaBean or a simple class. Sample program source includes a Page Setup Dialog. The free evaluation version restricts the headers to printing a copyright notice. An unrestricted version and source code are also availa

    Pulse Graph Bean :: Download Source Code
    PulseGraph and LedBarGraph are Java Beans which imitate the components seen in various system monitoring tools, such as the Windows NT task manager. These beans can be dropped into any Beans compatable IDE such as Symantec Visual Cafe, IBM's Visual Age for Java, or the BDK BeanBox. They can also be used as normal components in any Java application or applet, that's the beauty of JavaBeans.

    Generic Dialog Frame :: Download Source Code
    The GenericDialog class is just that, a generic Dialog Frame that is launched and easily programmed from its parent. The parent defines the title, message text, number of response buttons, and text for each button. The class defines a boolean status for each button which can be queried from the parent to respond appropriately. Unlike other Dialog classes, this one does not need a subclass defined to specify unique characteristics and text.

    JTextFieldHistory :: Download Source Code
    TextFieldHistory( sub class of (J)TextField) has a function that keep history user entered previously(like URL-field of Netscape Navigator). You can share a history in one more TextField, and save a set of history to file(in Java Application only).

    JTreeCombo :: Download Source Code
    A user can choose one item from list structure using java.awt.Choice and javax.swing.JComboBox. Using JTreeCombo, user can choose one item from tree structure.

    WhileYouWereOut :: Download Source Code
    Use the WhileYouWereOut applet to replace those pink slips of paper you normally get from your secretary every time you return to the office. Just connect the applet to your email system or LAN database.

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