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  • JMGD :: Download Source Code
    As the rate of progress in the determination of the whole genome sequencing of microbial organisms increases, we will need to have efficient, ready-to-use tools to publicize the data through WWW as soon as we finish the work. Java-based user interface to the microbial genome database (JMGD) can be used for almost any kind of circular microbial organisms. We use JMGD for the genome sequencing of cyanobacterium we published recently ( Java-

    Mapview :: Download Source Code
    Mapview is a tool developed at the Genome Database (GDB) for the display of genetic maps.

    Simsalabim :: Download Source Code
    Simsalabim - a simple but generic simulation framework with discrete timing and events, and an application that simulates a sea eco system.

    Jalview :: Download Source Code
    A sequence alignment can tell biologists a lot about how proteins differ between organisms and how they have evolved over time. Jalview is a visual tool for multiple sequence alignments that allows you to view (amongst other things) conserved regions and chemical properties using different colour schemes. Features include being able to edit sequence alignment on screen using the mouse and pairwise alignment of sequences using dynamic programming.

    CourseWare Ecology Lessons :: Download Source Code
    CourseWare is a Java 1.1 toolkit for building science and other lessons and serving them over the web. The first application of CourseWare is in teaching university level Ecology. Several modules are already online and more are planned. Modules already available include comparative population growth models, predator/prey isoclines, competition isoclines, review of derivatives, Lovelock's DaisyWorld, and a spherical variant, DaisyBall.

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