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  • MOLDA - Molecular Modeling and Graphics System using VRML Viewer :: Download Source Code
    MOLDA is a molecular-model building program (valid molecule file formats are MODRAST/MOLDA and MSC's XMol XYZ file format). Three dimensional(3D) molecular structures in VRML format can be generated from a variety of molecular science programs (such as MM2,Gaussian94 and Amber4) using MOLDA. Related java and perl programs are also available.

    Stirling Engine Animation :: Download Source Code
    The site Stirling Engine Animation shall illustrate the functioning of an Stirling engine. The phases of a Stirling cycle are displayed in a left window as animation for a simplified engine. Another window shows the corresponding P-V diagram. A buttonbar is used to control the animation (the speed, start, stop,..). Background information about the functioning of Stirling engines and links of Stirling engine related sites are included. This application includes Java-Applets and Javascript.

    NanoCAD :: Download Source Code
    NanoCAD is a program for assembling and modeling small molecular structures. Over time, it will hopefully evolve into a useful tool for nanotechnological design.

    MoleculeViewer :: Download Source Code
    This is a revised and extended version of Sun's Demo from SDK1.0.2 MoleculeViewer. This version also reads and displays PDB formated files besides the XYZ formated files.

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