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  • Java Color Space Applets :: Download Source Code
    Java applets that are designed to give information to the user about different color spaces, as well as give the user an intuitive feel behind how the different color spaces relate.

    xFS Demo :: Download Source Code
    Demo of key features of the xFS distributed file system.

    Sort Algorithms Applet :: Download Source Code
    Graphical illustrations of a few sorting algorithms.

    JFLAP: Java Formal Languages And Automata Simualtion Package :: Download Source Code
    JFLAP is a package of graphical tools which can be used as an aid in learning the basic concepts of Formal Languages and Automata Theory. Using JFLAP, one should be able to design and simulate several variations of finite state automata, pushdown automata, one-tape Turing machines and two-tape Turing machines. The project was started by Dr.Susan Rodger, and the designing and programming work was done by Magda Procopiuc and Octavian Procopiuc.

    Interactive 1885 adding machine :: Download Source Code
    This is a 1885 historical Felt & Tarrant 'Compotometer,' the interactive adding machine you can use! Fast, simple and impressive, this applet uses animation and sound, enabling you to operate the 1885 adding machine interactively.

    JavaScript Lisp Interpreter :: Download Source Code
    A fairly complete Lisp interpreter in about 450 lines of JavaScript.

    DemoGNG :: Download Source Code
    DemoGNG, a Java applet, implements several methods related to competitive learning. It is possible to experiment with the methods using various data distributions and observe the learning process. A common terminology is used to make it easy to compare one method to the other. Hopefully, the experimentation with the models will increase the intuitive understanding and make it easier to judge their particular strengths and weaknesses (see the full documentation under

    Virtual Net :: Download Source Code
    Application that allows to the user to simulate a network topology, and to develop C/S applications on this virtual network. The connection to servers is transparent, similar to the RMI mechanism. One special feature is that, for RMI applications, it is almost transparent to use them with virtual net, being not necessary to change the server implementations. Virtual net can be very useful (it has been my main purpose to develop it) to simulate network problems, as network partitions New version (0.

    Conway's life game !!! :: Download Source Code
    This applet describes the Conway Game of Life: it simulates the evolution of living ( or dying ) cells according to quite simple microscopic rules. These rules yield complex macroscopic patterns. The Applet is full interactive and lets the user to interact with the Conway rules !!!

    MicMac microprogramming simulator & IDE :: Download Source Code
    MicMac is an animated computer simulator and integrated development environment. It s designed to: Demonstrate Java technologies & techniques, Assist Java programmers in building non-trivial applets (full source code and project notes included, 12,000+ source lines), Serve as a learning tool for the following groups of students: Computer Organization & Assembly Language, Computer Architecture, Compiler Design and Java Programming, assistance is at the undergraduate

    Simsalabim framework :: Download Source Code
    Simulation framework for event-driven continous simulations and eco-system application built with the framework. Includes full source code, documentation and JAVADOC reference.

    OCHRE :: Download Source Code
    OCHRE is a demonstration of a backpropagation neural network solving the optical character recognition problem. The user can set up the network topology and train the network to recognize images of Arabic numerals, or any other set of symbols. The user can then draw his own images in a window and test the network on them, and the default training images can also be altered.

    JavaBots :: Download Source Code
    JavaBots is a system for developing and running multi-robot control systems on mobile robots and in simulation. JavaBots includes JavaSoccer. JavaSoccer simulates the dynamics and dimensions of a regulation RoboCup small size robot league game. Two teams of five robots compete on a ping-pong table by pushing and kicking an orange golf ball into the opponent's goal.

    MicMac Microprogramming Simulator and Integrated Development Environment :: Download Source Code
    MicMac is a computer simulator and integrated development environment for both microcode and assembly language programs. MicMac is based on the example computer presented by Andrew S. Tanenbaum in his text: Structured Computer Organization 3rd, 4th Ed.. It is written in Java and comes with complete source-code and project notes. Latest version shortens Edit/Complile/Test cycle, improves compiler error reporting and fixes minor flaws.

    Jumpshot :: Download Source Code
    Jumpshot is a graphical visualization tool for understanding the performance of parallel programs. It is in the tradition of upshot tool, but contains a number of extensions and enhancements that make it suitable foranalyzing large scale parallel computations.

    ip address plan calculator :: Download Source Code
    TCP/IP addressing plan builder (java, needs JDK1.1) with alignement constraints. Seems not to work with Netscape/Unix 4.0x due to JVM limitations in archive loading !

    CourseWare Conway's Life Game :: Download Source Code
    A CourseWare lesson presenting a collection of Cellular Automata, including Conway's Life game. As configured, this is an example from the CourseWare Toolkit Programmer's Guide, but it is easily reconfigurable (from a text file) to teach CA's.

    Travelling Salesman Problem demo :: Download Source Code
    A evolutionary computing approach to solving the travelling salesman problem. Plots a graph and stuff....

    GA toolkit :: Download Source Code
    A small GA toolkit that uses a genetic algorithm to solve problems. It is customizable and can load custom fitness function class files.

    Creature Behaviour Simulator :: Download Source Code
    An Artificial Life simulator, for exploring how complex creature behaviours can be simulated. The graphical simulation demonstrates different aspects of creature behaviour. It allows for the testing of different theories of creature behaviour, and enables user experimentation. The system focuses on Predator-Prey behaviour, and other behaviours such as mating and flocking.

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