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  • The Plucked String :: Download Source Code
    This interactive applet demonstrates the time-evolution of a plucked vibrating string. The mouse is used to "pluck" the string, which is subsequently released. The user can choose the number of Fourier components used to model the vibration, and also whether a single time-snapshot or a multi-snapshot time evolution is displayed.

    SteadyStateFusionDemo :: Download Source Code
    As part of the Internet Plasma Physics Education eXperience, this Java applet is designed to illustrate the basic principles of magnetically confined thermonuclear fusion. The applet allows the user to specify a fusion reactor's operating parameters. The resulting fusion performance is simulated and presented to the user numerically and visually.

    brownian :: Download Source Code
    This applet was written to demonstrate the movement of a particle which is experiencing Brownian Motion. I wrote it for my High School Modern Physics Class.

    Electrics charges in Java :: Download Source Code
    This applet allows you to see in a graphical way concepts like electric and potential fields. Furthermore, there is no danger to receive a deadly descharge.

    Kepler's Laws :: Download Source Code
    This applet shows the motion of a planet around the sun according to the gravitation laws discovered empirically by J. Kepler. Once you set the initial position and velocity it is possible to see all orbit parameter on a panel.

    Brownian :: Download Source Code
    An applet which simulates Brownian Motion.

    JavaScript Tesla Coil Calculator :: Download Source Code
    The Online JavaScript Tesla Coil Calculator is used to help amature physics enthusiast build Tesla Coils. These are machines that send long arcs of high voltage electricity through the air - cool huh! The code is free for the taking! Just send me an E-Mail. Thanks!

    Projectile :: Download Source Code
    Simulate a ball being launched into the air with an adjustable angle, and initial velocity. Drawing a projectile path. HTML

    The Satellite System :: Download Source Code
    This client/server applet lets you assemble satellite systems out of a few satellites, select a path for each satellite, and name the satellite system. It then serializes the system and sends it to the server. The server adds it to a file and returns a list of all existing systems. You can select the one you want to see, and the applet will show you an animated satellite system, and you can even change the settings for your system or individual satellites.

    The JavaAlmanac :: Download Source Code
    This applet was written as my final year project on my HND in Software Engineering. It let you enter any date (form 4713 BC to any date in the future there's no Millennium bomb hear ;-) ) . It then calculates the Sun-rise/set, Moon-rise/set in Universal time (aka GMT) and the phase of the moon.

    gravitational orbit simulator :: Download Source Code
    This applet simulates a set of moons attracted by gravity. Applet parameters give the number, size, color, mass, and starting position and velocity of moons. There are no visible borders or controls. The mouse can make the simulation start, stop, roll left, up, clockwise, or zoom. This app is good for demonstrating orbits -- satellites, gravity assisted space probes, and the like. The orbits are currently plotted with an adaptive Runga-Kutta technique.

    A Circling Airplane :: Download Source Code
    This 3D animation with sound effect (via VRML 2.0) is designed for studying horizontal circular motion in physics. It can be used to explain why a central force is needed in this case and how the airplane gets this force (by combination of the gravitational and the air-lifting forces).

    Two-dimensional Collisions :: Download Source Code
    This is a demonstration of two-dimensional collisions. Watch the collision simultaneously in a lab frame and a center of mass frame. Change the angle of the collision and ratio of masses. It makes the collision angles very clear, and the controls are sort of fun.

    Newton's Cannon :: Download Source Code
    Newton described the possible trajectories of a cannonball shot from a tall mountain. The applet lets the user fire cannonballs at different velocities around the earth. It would give feel for how a satellite is always falling.

    Brownian Motion :: Download Source Code
    This simple demonstration of Brownian Motion shows little particles batting about a more massive one and what it would look like if you could see only the massive one through a microscope.

    One-dimensional One-atom Gas :: Download Source Code
    A single-atom accelerates or decelerates only through classical collisions with the moving piston on its container. This alone is enough to explain why gas gets warm when compressed and cool when expanded.

    Flight of a Projectile :: Download Source Code
    This applet shows how a ball would fly through the air. It uses correct units and gives a clear picture of trajectories. There are options to show trails of the projectile or to turn on simple air friction.

    JSpringies :: Download Source Code
    JSpringies is a mass and spring simulation system, written in pure Java. This program is the re-implementation of XSpringies, written by Douglas DeCarlo.

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