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  • Project Java :: Download Source Code
    Project Java is a collection of interactive educational applets being developed by a group of computer science students under the guidance of Glenn Richard, Educational Coordinator of the Center for High Pressure Research, headquartered at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. The project is being conducted in cooperation with the Long Island Consortium for Interconnected Learning.

    AutoLaunch :: Download Source Code
    AutoLaunch applet launches an http request to another web-site automatically once the page containing the applet is downloaded on user's machine. It can be configured to set time after which the launch will take place, properties like Color and Font. It can also show image and a string optionally at specified locations. Advantage is that web-page designers don't have to force viewer to click on hypertext link to go to new location. Applications : 1) AutoLaunch is specially for those who have mor

    BIGRAF.COM Website :: Download Source Code
    BIGRAF.COM Website optimized with javascript version 1.1. Menuing control with main-sub buttons, left-right position buttons, history buttons, language (en/id) buttons, color change everyday, and others. Now, operation with ASP (2.x) version. HTML (1.x) version download available.

    Java Network Programming FAQ :: Download Source Code
    This document contains the answers to commonly asked network programming questions posed by Java developers. Consult the Java Network Programming FAQ when you need help with networking in Java

    Netscape IFC Developers Exchange :: Download Source Code
    Open-source libraries and resource links for Netscape IFC developers.

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