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  • Soft&Easy Applets :: Download Source Code
    Several applets, mostly online processed/animated images.

    Ahmed Ouahi :: Download Source Code
    Architecture&Interior Design: The Creativity : Conception & Composition-under rules of the Golden Section -(proportions). Arts(painting,sculpture):The force of the Imagination. General Design: Indistrual Design,Design of Electronic Machines,Functional Design Every things above must be under the rules of the Ethic and the rules of the Esthetic... .Only that way that they can move to ... .. The future!! Which one it needs only the Positivism!!!With those rules!!...

    Java Code Sniplets :: Download Source Code
    Some time ago, I started to write Java applets. I found lots of useful resources, but what I didn't find were answers to easy questions like "How do I make a button that links to a specified URL?". I had to bother all guru's in newsgroups to get the answers. I guess I am not the only one with these problems, so I decided to collect them myself, and put them on the web. I hope it will be useful to somebody... Links, more sniplets and so on coming... (a) Button to go to a specified URL (b) Horizontal line

    JAVA Projects :: Download Source Code
    This is a site containing Java Applets, Applications and Class libraries. This site is continuously updated.

    Cool Java Applets :: Download Source Code
    The site contains some real cool Rainbow Text applets and others like 3D text (embossed text), Fireworks in Sky, etc. more applets constantly added... freely available source code as well as applet.

    Actresses' Gallery :: Download Source Code
    Stars' Photos Collection

    IP Update :: Download Source Code
    This application is written to be used by people who use any Web Server or Personal Web Server but have only Dynamic IP. If they want their computer to be accessed with stable address this will do. The only thing that is necessary is free web page that can be accessed via ftp. Really good tool to stick your dynamic address.

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