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  • Java Applets Made Multiuser (JAMM) :: Download Source Code
    JAMM (Java Applets Made Multiuser) is a prototype Java runtime environment that permits the shared use of single-user Swing/JFC-based Java components. A shared component may be as simple as a button or as complex as an applet.

    RajChat :: Download Source Code
    RajChat is a chat program written in Java . A bit more than the usual chat available in the internet. RajChat allows you choose the room you want to chat in,create your own room, chat privately , change the color of the text and many other features that can only be found in professional chat. RajChat will support 2D graphics in the next release when the user goes into one-to-one chat mode.

    CooChat :: Download Source Code
    CooChat is a chat system (an Applet) consisting of two JavaBeans: CooPro and CooTank. CooChat provides both an aquarium tank and a regular chat window. The chat window provides regular chat environment such as chat enter field, chat log window, and other options. See CooPro for the details of the regular chat widnow. In the tank, each object(Tropical fish, jellyfish, seahors, shell and even user-imported image) represents a chating person in current chat room. See CooTank for the details

    JChatServlet :: Download Source Code
    JChat Servlet is a chat room written entirely in Java using the Java Servlet API - IT IS NOT AN APPLET. JChat is an experimental servlet project for providing simple, fast (and hopefully reliable [someday]) forms-based chat and the source code is freely available under the GNU Public Licensing Agreement.

    TwinFeats WebChat :: Download Source Code
    Free chat in your jdk1.0.2 and up browser. Very small client (about 30k). Features the unique collaborative TextViewer for discussing code listings.

    InfoChat Server & Client :: Download Source Code
    InfoChat Server & Client is a complete chat hosting package that allows ISPs or Institutions to setup their own communication network. The chat server offers multiple chat group hosting feature, which allows the hosting of different groups of users on the same machine. The server has been intensively tested to stay stable even under exceptional network perturbations. The chat client is fully compatible with all JDK1.x so with all major browsers. Some features are: anti-flood protection, word filter, auto-

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