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  • JHLClassDependancy :: Download Source Code
    This utility builds a list of all classes used by an applet or app. I don't like guessing which classes I need to put on a floppy or on the WWW, so I let JHLClassDependancy figure it out for me. I class it (forgive the pun), as one of those 'if you need it, you need it bad' utilities. It also provides a suite of class file format decoding classes, though some attributes are ignored.

    JHLClassBrowser :: Download Source Code
    This utility graphically displays information on classes in the CLASSPATH, or a designated path. It can unpack classes in zip files, such as the JDK too. At 300K+ of source code, this is quite a serious programming effort, and I use it as a demo of Java potentiality to the unbelieving. Of interest is the SubComponent class library which creates a base for multiple 'widgets' inside a Canvas. There is also a snap-shot of the utility running under win95.

    Client/server library :: Download Source Code
    Multipurpose class library implementing the following features: - reusable classes - client/server, usable both in applets and applications - event semaphores and semaphore groups (multiple wait groups) - UNIX style efficient background logging

    JScape Widgets :: Download Source Code
    JScape WidgetsTM is a library of sophisticated, pre-built components for assembling commercial quality JavaTM applications. The product is written entirely in Java and the look, feel and behavior is the same on all Java enabled environments including Windows, Mac, and Unix.

    JScape WidgetsPro :: Download Source Code
    JScape WidgetsProTM is the complete library of sophisticated, pre-built components for assembling commercial quality JavaTM applications. The product is written entirely in Java and the look, feel and behavior is the same on all Java enabled environments including Windows, Mac, and Unix.

    JScape Form :: Download Source Code
    JScape FormTM is a ready to use form complete with dockable tool bars, status bar, busy indicator, layout manager and window management. Simply set up your status bar, wire the tool bar buttons to your components and you have a sophisticated application framework.

    JScape PowerPanel :: Download Source Code
    JScape PowerPanelTM is a highly configurable, multiple page user interface component. PowerPanel can be easily configured as a traditional single sided tabbed panel or as a two sided notebook. With PowerPanel a sophisticated interface is just a few clicks away.

    JScape PowerSearch :: Download Source Code
    Description : JScape PowerSearchTM is a pattern matching and search engine written entirely in JavaTM. PowerSearch searches strings of text to find patterns, optionally saving, replacing or returning positional information. PowerSearch provides full support of the PERL 5 regular expression syntax.

    JENI :: Download Source Code
    JENI is a programming interface that allows applets/applications to open, save, print, and email to any server. Write once, communicate to any server. Protocols supported: NFS, FTP, LDAP, POP, SMTP, and local file I/O. More protocols to be added, but your app won't have to change!

    JScape MailWidgets :: Download Source Code
    JScape MailWidgets(tm) is the complete solution for adding Internet email to your Java(tm) applets and applications. MailWidgets is a suite of JavaBeans components written entirely in Java. MailWidgets substantially reduces development time for applications which require email connectivity or automation. Simply drop MailWidgets beans into any Java development environment and harne

    cardclass :: Download Source Code
    A compact playing card deck. Less than 5K! Now you can make a great card game without having to transfer large/many gif files. Ideal for internet games. Source and demo programs are provided.

    JScape PowerTools :: Download Source Code
    JScape PowerTools(tm) is a collection of systems level and GUI components that are essential for the development of sophisticated Java applets and applications. PowerTools was designed with reuse and flexiblity in mind. We've used our experience in developing several other Java(tm) products to produce a reusable and efficient product.

    JScape PowerSuite :: Download Source Code
    PowerSuite is the largest collection of pure Java componentware in the industry. PowerSuite includes every JScape product, over 120 powerful components, and 400 classes across the entire spectrum of Java development including user interface, systems components and utility functions. PowerSuite offers a significant discount over the cost of purchasing each product individually.

    GraphicsUtil -- Adding pen widths to java.awt.Graphics :: Download Source Code
    A class that adds pen thicknesses to the drawXxx methods of java.awt.Graphics.

    JAMM (Java Applets Made Multiuser) :: Download Source Code
    JAMM (Java Applets Made Multiuser) is a Java runtime environment that permits the shared use of single-user Swing/JFC-based Java components. A shared component may be as simple as a button or as complex as an applet. Source is now available.

    Class Statistician :: Download Source Code
    Class Statistician gives us a statistic of all the classes. It gives us a list of all the methods available, not only in the current class, but also which have been passed down from the parent classes and interfaces. Thus it will be indispensible for any Java novice programmer. The next version will include facility to do the same for any Class available to the JVM. This has been written in JDK 1.1.2 and the next version shall support JDK 1.2. Output is available both as text or HTML and can be redirected

    MsgBox class librairy :: Download Source Code
    This class library mimics the MessageBox API from MS-Windows. It can be used for notifying short messages to the user or for debugging purposes. This class is free and is a must have for any serious developer.

    JAFFACAKE :: Download Source Code
    JAFFACAKE is a Java class framework for the creation of mouse driven adventure games. Requires Java 1.1 or better and a fast machine.

    Transactions Package :: Download Source Code
    A lightweight class library giving robust transactional integrity for Java files.

    Tiny Encryption Algorithm :: Download Source Code
    The Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) is one of the fastest and most efficient cryptographic algorithms in existence. It encrypts 64 data bits at a time using a 128-bit key. Since this was developed outside the United States it is not crippled in any way.

    SyncBuilder :: Download Source Code
    SyncBuilder allows you to develop platform independent applications which can synchronize data with any of the Palm Computing(R) platform devices. It is a replacement of Palm Computing's HotSync(tm) technology.

    GetAppletParameter class :: Download Source Code
    The GetAppletParameter class makes it very easy for Java developers to pass applet parameters from HTML files to Java applets. Methods in the class make it very easy to pass Strings, Colors, integers, floats, and other variables from HTML files to the Java applets they run. Traditionally a lengthy process, only one method call is now required for each parameter passed into an applet.

    The Kiwi Toolkit :: Download Source Code
    Kiwi is a collection of high-quality GUI components and utility classes that complements Sun's Java Foundation Classes (JFC). The toolkit includes date and directory chooser dialogs, parsers and formatters, editors, a TreeTable component, resource managers, audio support for applications, and many other useful components.

    SmartProxy :: Download Source Code
    The SmartProxy package makes it significantly easier to code distributed systems, for example in RMI or EJB. By providing a proxy-layer to your remote objects it automatically handles the lookup of the objects and is able to recover automatically from errors such as broken connections. The proxies is also persistable which means that once you have set up a proxy to an object you can send it around, store it in a database or similar, but it will always remain valid, unlike for exmaple RMI-stubs which gets

    JavaFind :: Download Source Code
    JavaFind lets Java programs recursively search for files matching Perl5 regular expressions. It has many useful features from GNU tools such as -mindepth, -maxdepth, -exclude, etc.

    LPD/LPR library :: Download Source Code
    A LPD/LPR class library in Java to print onto a standard LPD (Unix) printer over the network.

    FreeMarker :: Download Source Code
    Provides an easy way to get data from Java servlets into Web pages, and helps you keep graphic design separate from application logic. To use it, you encapsulate HTML in templates. These get compiled for you into Template objects, which generate HTML dynamically, using data provided by your servlets. The template language is powerful and intuitive, the parser is fast, and the output approaches the speed of static HTML pages. GNU Library Public License.

    Tool for JAVA-debugging :: Download Source Code
    The Debug class is a small and simple class for debugging JAVA programs. Debug information can can be sent to file or to a remote machine.

    PReP :: Download Source Code
    PReP is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for the development, handling and organisation - even database access of a HTML site. PReP runs as a Servlet or cmdline version. It handles any jdbc database. It is easy to organize your sites or to update the design! PReP lets you change a detail without changing all of your sites - imagine if you want your sites in more than one language! Have a look at or download how to make an automatically generated table documentation (

    MultiGridLayout :: Download Source Code
    MultiGridLayout is an enhanced GridLayout manager because I found the GridBag thing way too annoying. MultiGrid allows you to define the number of rows and cols and (if desired) the size of each row and col. You then place objects in the grid with a x and y value and a height and width, all in grid cell units, and set an alignment condition: CENTER, N, W, S, etc... (via the included MultiGridConstraints) the object is then laid out within the grid bounds defined with the given alignment.

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