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  • Multiserver :: Download Source Code
    Multiserver is a Java application that allows multichannel communication between client applets. It is general purpose and is used to create self contained client/server systems.

    SerialPort :: Download Source Code
    SerialPort provides access to serial ports from your Java application or Applet. SerialPort is a high-performance class that also provides low-level serial port control. The Java SerialPort class provides access to the serial ports of your computer allowing you to communicate with modems, mice, printers, sensors, or any serial device.

    WhoIsOn :: Download Source Code
    This new version of WhoIsOn will now allow you to view, not only the users on your ISP's shell, but the total list of users on your system. Upon clicking a user, a frame will open and display the user's finger information. It runs on a C server that is known to work in FreeBSD. You may choose between shell and total users with radio buttons at the top of the applet.

    G4ZFE Morse Code Applet :: Download Source Code
    Applet to convert text into 18 wpm morse code. Requires sound enabled PC/workstation. Works best with Netscape Navigator!

    JavaScode :: Download Source Code
    English: Scode is a highly optimized coding scheme for the German language. It lets you transmit texts to numeric pagers (e.g. "Scall"). JavaScode is a cool implementation of all Scode features with an intelligent German abbreviation algorithm. You can even send your encoded texts with dial tones directly from this site. Deutsch: Scode ist ein hochoptimiertes Codiersystem f

    Gilotalk :: Download Source Code
    The applet creates a stream socket and connects it to the server who's running on the web server machine at the port number 5528. If I'm present and I have turned the server on, you can communicate with me.

    ServerGilotalk :: Download Source Code
    This application wait for a connection from the Gilotalk client at the port number 5528 of the web server machine. When the connection is established I communicate with the guest.

    JavaMail :: Download Source Code
    JavaMail is one of the first full-featured graphical email clients written in Java. Since it is written in Java, it provides a great cross-platform email client solution. JavaMail uses POP3 for retrieving mail and SMTP for sending it.

    The T-Bone :: Download Source Code
    The T-Bone allows you to connect JavaBeans which are located on different hosts. It does most things fully automagically and therefore requires only 3-5 lines of code for this task. It is freely usable for research and commercial purposes. T-Bone is based on ObjectSpace, Inc. Voyager product which is also freely usable for most commercial purposes. T-Bone comes with comprehensive documentation and fully commented source-code. It also includes ready-to-use helper-programs and several examples.

    ReitMail.class :: Download Source Code
    A simple SMTP email client similar to UNIX sendmail.

    The Java Telnet Applet :: Download Source Code
    The Java Telnet Applet is a fully featured telnet applet/application. It is standards compliant to Telnet related RFC and DEC VT terminals and IBM ANSI. The applet is customizable via modules that are loaded on-the-fly. The package contains two packages that may be of interest to other programmers: display. - A character display and TelnetIO. - an implementation of the telnet protocol negotiations. The Java Telnet Applet is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It is co-developed by

    Spock :: Download Source Code
    This applet is used to test network throughput by sending back-to-back frames to a designated host's TCP discard socket. Bandwidth and delay is calculated for the transfer. Also an applications test is provided for email with attachment, screen image, file transfer, and multimedia. It is very important to test netwok devices such as switches and routers since LAN CSMA/CD and ATM interswitch traffic has been shown to be fractal or self-similar over time.

    A CGI Form Parser in Java :: Download Source Code
    A class that separates CGI forms, URL-decodes the values, and puts the results in a lookup table. Comes with an on-line demo via CGI.

    FingerBean :: Download Source Code
    Non-visual Java Bean, encapsulating simple finger protocol support. It is as simple as setting the user and hostname properties, and calling the connect method.

    MarcusMail :: Download Source Code
    MarcusMail is a web-based mailclient that uses the SMTP-protocol.

    MassMail :: Download Source Code
    Mass email applet that connects to the SMTP port of the server it resides on. Multiple email addresses can be pasted into a text area and each email address will be sent a unique message. Uses standard Java and not the JavaMail API.

    HTTP Cookie Parser in Java :: Download Source Code
    This class parses the "Cookie:" HTTP request line and makes individual URL-decoded cookie values available in a lookup table with the name as a key. Supports having multiple values associated with the same key.

    Java Message Handling System :: Download Source Code
    The JMHS is designed to use some of the advanced features of java in order to create a friendly interface to users/programmers that need/want to build chat/multimedia/games/etc message based communication structures.

    POP3 Protocol Wrapper & Demo Applet ver 1.0 :: Download Source Code
    This package contains some classes with full source code that i wrote in order to do very easy to use pop3 handling. The ideea is to hide all pop3 stuff from the end-programmer that wants to use it. Use it and enjoy.

    The DTMF dialler applet :: Download Source Code
    This applet generates the DTMF dialling tones used on touch tone phones in the UK ( and the US ).

    VasSendMail :: Download Source Code
    VasSendMail - to send an e-mail with an applet. The mail can be sent to anyone in the world. It implemets SMTP mail sending protocol.Made with JDK 1.02, so it's working with all JVM, including Java 1.02 browsers (Netscape 2.02, IE 3 or better). Full source code available after registration (12USD).

    VasReadMail :: Download Source Code
    VasReadMail - Read your e-mail with a Java applet. It implements POP3 mail retrieving protocol. Made with JDK 1.02, so it's working with all JVM, including Java 1.02 browsers (Netscape 2.02, IE 3 or better). Full source code available after registration (12USD).

    VasFirewallMailReader :: Download Source Code
    This is a Java application made for the people working in a company under a firewall. Use it to get past the firewall and to read the mail you get on your private e-mail account. Made with JDK 1.02, so it's working with all JVM, including Java 1.02 browsers (Netscape 2.02, IE 3 or better). Full source code available after registration (12USD).

    Spearhead :: Download Source Code
    Spearhead is a 100% JNDI browser. Spearhead currently allows browsing of Files, LDAP, XML, HTML, Zip and Jars, COS, FTP (JDBC) comming next. Spearhead also uses the Java Activation Framework to allow the user to dynamically associate and run command objects. The default command objects allow JNDI attributes to be viewed and searched for. Spearhead includes an example Table that allows rows and columns to be copied and pasted from a JNDI sources. Spearhead includes Swing HTML, text and RTF editors and view

    NewsAgent :: Download Source Code
    A 100% Java 1.1 USENET News reader, completely free with source code (GNU General Public License). Threads messages in a hierarchical tree, allows access to multiple news servers, uses plug-ins (called Agents) to process messages before sending and when being listed in the header display. Uses the new Swing (JFC) pluggable look and feel. New version (1.0.2) includes a Windows installer and launcher for ease of use.

    NetKnife :: Download Source Code
    NetKnife is an application that brings many classic network clients utilities into an easy-to-use JAVA environment. As consequence, all Internet users (UNIX , Windows, MacIntosh) can access traditional services like Ping, Traceroute, Finger, Whois, DNS, Time, Quote or advanced services like PopAbstract, PopPasswd, Network Scan, Network PerfMeter and TCPterm.

    JPSMailer :: Download Source Code
    A complete mail program including SMTP,POP3, small FTP, Web Fetcher. Uses SWING components. The goal is to make a big,big Internet tool by using the free source code and add your own components.

    JgMail :: Download Source Code
    JgMail is a Java class package which can be used to send and receive mail to and from mail servers. It implements the POP3 protocol for retrieving mail and the SMTP protocol to send mail. Support is provided for attaching files when sending mail and for decoding attached files when receiving mail. JgMail is\ simple to use. Sending and receiving mail can be accomplished in as little as 5 lines of code.

    Snmp Construction Kit :: Download Source Code
    Snmp Construction Kit is a framework ( core java classes and a few beans) allowing anyone to build network management applications using snmp.

    tMail :: Download Source Code
    tMail is a free applet to explain how to send a mail in JDK 1.02 with a dial socket.

    Perlfect Solutions - Mass Mailer :: Download Source Code
    Perlfect Mailer is a mass mailer with a web interface. It allows you to create/edit a mail message from within your web browser and send it to a list of recipients that you keep in a simple text file. It is portable to all perl supporting platforms, because it sends mail through SMTP and not using some specific sendmail application. It can be used in combination with Perlfect Subscribe to create maling lists and dispatch newsletters or other notification messages.

    Grendel :: Download Source Code
    Grendel is a professional e-mail / news client completely written in Java. It is part of the mozilla project and based on the 'javagator' project from Netscape. With a Swing interface grendel closely resembles netscape messenger in terms of user interface but also in supported features. Additional features like multiple identities, multiple pop3 servers etc. are already supported.

    ProxyServerJ :: Download Source Code
    ProxyServerJ is a small Java based HTTP proxy server which allows multiple users to share single Internet connection. It requires that your ISP also uses a proxy server.

    VServer :: Download Source Code
    package includes: Demo version of VServer - a dynamic flexible multi-threaded server written in Java 1.2.1. Remote Server Configuration Applet - VServer remote control tool. Source codes for client applets: ChatApplet, Reverse, IPApplet, SwingDBTableJava2. Source code for each service.

    ICEMail :: Download Source Code
    ICEMail is a Java email client application that uses the new Java Mail API. It is written in Swing, the new Java Foundation Classes. ICEMail supports SMTP, POP, IMAP, MIME, HTML, and includes the HotJavaBrowser bean that allows you to surf the web pages attched to your email! The source is GPL-ed, and included with the package.

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