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  • Simple Contact Book Manager :: Download Source Code
    A simple contact book manager. The application manages multiple contact books, allows editing and saving. The applet displays one contact book. The contact book database record includes fields such as name, address, phone number, fax number, Web page, notes, etc. The database supports group aliases and allows searching and broadcasting.

    CodeBase :: Download Source Code
    CodeBase 6.1 now includes a client/server Java database solution for multi-user access to FoxPro, Clipper and dBASE data files. The CodeBase Java library has been optimized for size to help keep applet size to a minimum while still offering full database functionality. Full source code is included.

    MsqlManager :: Download Source Code
    MsqlManager is a GUI front end for databases using the mSQL server developed by David Hughes. The application also employs the MsqlJava classes created by Darryl Collins. The application allows you to examine tables and fields associated with each database present on the mSQL server. In addition to providing schema information, the application has basic QBE functionality. This allows the user to construct basic SELECT queries in a point and click fashion. The application also provides for a data dump

    HomePageBuilder :: Download Source Code
    HomePageBuilder is an application that I use to construct my browser home page. This is a simple collection of links, organized as in an HTML Table, that I display in a multi-column web page. When I change my list source, HomePageBuilder converts it to the otherwise error-prone HTML source. In addition to, you need Note that references a Macintosh-specific library. Delete the refer

    JDBCAccess database browser :: Download Source Code
    The JDBCAccess tool is an application/applet which provides easy access to a relational database. It invokes the JDBC API methods to display a database's properties, tables, and procedures. It helps the user access and update a database by generating the necessary SQL statements. The applet requires a java 1.1 enabled browser such as Javasoft's Hotjava.

    John Donohue's Java Examples: Simple Database Lookup :: Download Source Code
    Simple database lookup applet. The user can search a simple flat file database on one or more fields. The applet is customizable by changing parameters in the HTML code. The read only database is a flat file stored on the Web server.

    Java JNI interface to the Gnu GDBM database :: Download Source Code
    A Java interface to the Gnu GDBM database library. Useful for compatibility with existing applications which use this database, and as an efficient, reliable datastore for Java servlets and applications. Uses JNI and requires binary code to be compiled on your system.

    mSQL-JDBC Driver :: Download Source Code
    The Imaginary JDBC driver for the mSQL database.

    SQL Explorer :: Download Source Code
    SQL Explorer is an application, written using the JFC1.1 It works with all JDBC drivers and support the new Look and Feel of the JFC. New features in 1.04: improve syntax highlighted SQL editor, options windows, database structure window

    Simpletext DataBase :: Download Source Code
    A free flat file database written as a JDBC driver. This database supports select, update, insert and delete. Source Code included.

    Publishing MS-Access Data on the Web :: Download Source Code
    This Java servlet allows you to call a Microsoft Access database from any web browser and from any computer - only through HTML, no applet is required. The servlet itself must be located on a Windows NT system. The code is 100% Java - so you can forget MS/DAO. No special packages or drivers are required.

    TableGen :: Download Source Code
    TableGen automatically creates a set of Java classes to represent an SQL database. It uses JDBC MetaData to analyse the database and generate the classes. These classes have methods to update, insert, and retrieve records from the database. It also provides set/get methods for every column, giving complete type safety for your database applications.

    Jodbie :: Download Source Code
    Jodbie is a complete as well as light jdbc connection tool. This thread will asynchronously process SQL requests and deliver results- events. A connection thread pool is also included that scales as many concurrent connections as your application requires, based on the runtime configurable request depth factor. Jdbc conneciton pools are valuable in Servlets accessing RDBMSes.

    mSQL-JDBC :: Download Source Code
    mSQL-JDBC is a database access API for the mSQL database engine that conforms are much as possible to the Java JDBC API. JDBC enables you to write database applications in Java without worrying about the underlying details of the database supporting your application.

    One Bad DB :: Download Source Code
    An applet to manage a 'link database', including edition, visualisation, etc.

    The Java SQL Record Editor :: Download Source Code
    A SQL editor in the delphi way, an open source project. It comes with a DataSource and a DbGid component.

    BOND: a Java mSQL client :: Download Source Code
    BOND is a 100% Java application that uses the mSQL.class package. BOND allows a user to create, modify, and manage an mSQL database without entering a word of SQL, without removing the ability to use SQL if the user desires. BOND supports data exporting as well as clipboarding functions (cut, copy, paste).

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