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  • NetSerf :: Download Source Code
    The applet described below was formerly called The Watcher, but had to be renamed due to a conflict with a similarly named product. The new name is Netserf. Netserf is a Java applet that helps you keep track of updates to sites that you are interested in. You can make (and save) a personalized list of sites you want Netserf to check and specify how often you want each site checked (anywhere from once every ten minutes to once a month). When Netserf checks a site, it retrieves the time that the document :: Download Source Code
    This applet contains a client who open a socket connection with a server it sends the name of a file to the server and receive the file on the textarea. :: Download Source Code
    This application is a server program who waits for socket connection requests, receives the name of a file present on its host and returns the contains of the file to the client

    PassGen :: Download Source Code
    A Java applet that generates random passwords in various formats. The source of randomness is key press times. Source code is provided under copyleft. Uses the Java 1.0 event model.

    JHLZip :: Download Source Code
    This app constructs an uncompressed zip file. I use it in conjunction with JHLUnzip to pack all my source/class files into a single portable file for WWW downloading. It has been successfully tested with some commercial zip programs, but is designed to be used with JHLUnzip.

    JHLUnzip :: Download Source Code
    This app unpacks an uncompressed zip file. I use it in conjunction with JHLZip to unpack all my source/class files from a single portable file. It has been successfully tested with some commercial zip programs for compatibility, but is designed to be used with JHLZip.

    JHLSearchCreate :: Download Source Code
    This is the html document/word compiler which constructs the database for the JHLSearch applet. In addition, it reports html (version 2.0) syntax errors in the files parsed. The document page also discusses some problems found with downloading single large files/multiple small files, which gave surprising results.

    EzStego steganography made easy :: Download Source Code
    EzStego is an easy to use tool for private communication. Want to send encrypted email but don't wait to send large files of strange-looking numbers? Want to use strong crypto tools like Stealth-PGP, but know that your email is not secure enough? EzStego works like invisible ink for Internet communication. EzStego hides an encrypted message in a GIF format image file. EzStego is a standalone Java application. It is shareware and source code is available.

    TickTock :: Download Source Code
    A java application to permit synchronization of the users computer time, with the master time clocks at the U.S. Naval Observatory, over the internet. Accurate to about one second.

    JavaVote :: Download Source Code
    The first internet opinion poll for the 1997 UK General Election. This is provided by JavaVote, an all-purpose Java applet allowing easy installation of a survey on your web page. The applet is suitable for any kind of voting method and is fully configurable to your needs.

    CounterScroll :: Download Source Code
    This little applet provides a continuously updated and scrolling strip char. New data is retrieved from a data source (like the server via an appropriate cgi). Presentation scales adjusts automatically to provide the highest possible resolution for visible data. Digital rather than chart output is also supported. The demo page uses a NeoWebScript on the server for data retrieval, but any cgi can be used instead. Three demos are provided at the above URL: 1. a chart of estimated server hits/hour 2

    PIM :: Download Source Code
    This is a Personal Information Manager (PIM) that communicates to a host web site. This allows shared files and appointments. You must use MSIE 3.01 or greater. Netscape does not allow the saving of the PIM information (but you can still look at it!).

    Measure Converter :: Download Source Code
    A Java applet that converts measures, weights and temperature into different units

    Colour Picker :: Download Source Code
    The color picker is a JDK1.02 (links to a JDK 1.1 version) Applet which allows you to see the effect of the variations of fore and background colours. The colours can be selected by either clicking on the Colour Ramp or addjusting the slider bars or typing in RGB or Hex figures in the text Fields provided if your browser supports the JDK1.1 then follow the link. :: Download Source Code
    A cross platform command line shell that allows the user to execute local commands. Common commands such as compiling a file with javac or listing files with ls can be made into tool buttons. A sample license agreement that can serve as a model for future distribution systems that involve multiple authors collecting royalties on a shared codebase is also included. 4/1/97 Update: Added command parsing and a slew of internal commands including: cat, ?(help), &(spawn), cd, exit, p

    JavaQuiz Shell :: Download Source Code
    This is an online quiz shell that lets you take simple text files with questions and multiple choice answers and convert them to a java class file that runs on the WWW. Source code and provisions for logging are included. Several utility files are also included. To use, you need a Java 1.0.1 compiler and a Perl interpreter to process the quiz text files.

    UNICODE Conversion Utility :: Download Source Code
    If your Java Application or Applet reads an ASCII file for its properties, this tool will convert these files to UNICODE format to support National Languages. Once a file has been converted your Java Applet/Application must use readUTF/writeUTF methods of the DataInput/DataOutput interface. Get ready now for Java 1.1 NLS support, internationalize your Java apps! :: Download Source Code
    A cross platform command line shell that allows the user to execute local commands. Common commands such as compiling a file with javac or listing files with ls can be made into tool buttons. A sample license agreement that can serve as a model for future distribution systems that involve multiple authors collecting royalties on a shared codebase is also included. 5/2/97 Update: Added intelligent pattern matching of command input.

    JavaScript Password Protect :: Download Source Code
    Password protect a page with JavaScript -- no protected directories, no server-side anything. This script uses the fact that any scripts within the HEAD tag is executed before the BODY is parsed. It pops up a prompt window that asks for a password. (Enter pirate3 for mine.) The script is easily modifiable for any page and password and is thoroughly commented to make it easy to understand.

    JavaScript Password Protect :: Download Source Code
    Password protect a web page with JavaScript -- no CGI, no server-side anything. This script uses the fact that any scripts in the HEAD tag are executed before the BODY is parsed, and therefore the user must enter a correct password to view the page (and its source). Enter pirate3 for my page. This script is very easily modifiable and thoroughly commented.

    HostConvert :: Download Source Code
    HostConvert is a graphical program for querying your Domain Name Server (a little like nslookup). You input a computer's name or IP address, and HostConvert returns with the IP address or computer's name respectively. While you wait, HostConvert keeps track of the time that has elapsed, and if you see you've made a mistake, simply type in the correct query and re-submit. HostConvert will automatically abort the previous submission and query your DNS with the current one.

    Cyno's StickyNotes :: Download Source Code
    Cyno's StickyNotes is a virtual Post-it notes program for the Java platform. It is an object-oriented, multi-threaded, and Internet-enabled software. Now you can place Post-it notes anywhere on your computer screen, or send it off to a friend via e-mail.

    File Split :: Download Source Code
    Java application that allows to the user to split a file up into a number of smaller files, specifying the maximum size of each chunk.

    MLinput :: Download Source Code
    Multi-Lingua Input is an applet that allows you to input Chinese characters, which is also extensible to other languages, eg. Japanese, Korean, etc.

    EPS :: Download Source Code
    EPS is a moving map application for use with GPS (Global Positioning System). It can handle waipoints, routes and track. It can import and export data and communicate with Garmin GPS units. EPS can use charts scanned from paper charts.

    Sunshine/SunshineSetup :: Download Source Code
    This is a highly useful bookmark-organizer applet(Sunshine) and application(SunshineSetup). In order to use the Sunshine applet correcly, you need to have (at least) JDK1.0 so that you can recompile these files to match your individual bookmark files. Enjoy!

    HTML/JavaScript workspace :: Download Source Code
    The user keys HTML/JavaScript into a field in one frame, or loads a selection from a list of examples; a button press causes the entry to be read by the browser and displayed in a second frame.

    MailWin :: Download Source Code
    A small applet which uses SMTP to send email

    Calendar Widget :: Download Source Code
    Calendar Widget bean lets you choose month, year and pick up a date from pull-down panel or change date in the text entry.

    Easy2Do :: Download Source Code
    Easy2Do is an easy-2-use ToDo-List program. You could add groups/tasks as you wish. It's mainly usage is to show how to program the JFC/Swing API from JavaSoft. Therefore the full source is included.

    NB-Safecolor :: Download Source Code
    NB-safecolor are a unique color tool - assisting the user in choosing the right combination of colors for a webapge, either by choosing from a websafe colorpalette or by specifying RGB/HEX-values. Userfriendly interface allows the user to play with the colors; try out different colorcombination, switch between colors, undo colorchoice, swap colorcoding between 'items' (e.g. swap colorcoding for text/ background) and much more

    password :: Download Source Code
    A simple but very usefull security applet for your homepage.

    HTML Color Picker :: Download Source Code
    Use the JavaScript color picker to change the background, forreground, link and cell colors for a sample HTML document.

    NetTools :: Download Source Code
    NetTools v1.0 is a suite of networking utilities/diagnostics tools written 100% in Java 1.1. NetTools emulates common Unix TCP/IP utilities such as DNS, Finger, Ping, Time and Whois. It also has some additional utilities such as a multithreaded TCP port scanner and a default gateway finder.

    Calendar :: Download Source Code
    Tired of having to go get a calendar and look up dates? This handy little applet display monthly calendars for any given time period in the 20th century. This release is in beta, and will be updated to display monthly calendars for the 21st entry shortly. Meanwhile, it'll carry you through the next year and a half!

    Cache Chooser :: Download Source Code
    The applets for Netscape and IE allow you to have two caches called surf and save; and in effect act similarly to a cache editor. This is decrease the load and access time for your cache fat file. You will no longer be dumping your cache and loosing all of it only to start all over again. This way you can keep your special sites in a separate cache. Use this instead of ramdisk and avoid fat file corruption.

    njPipes :: Download Source Code
    This is version 0.50 of njPipes, an unofficial port of the CMS/TSO Pipeline product to NetRexx and java. The biggest new feature? The njPipes compiler now determines if a .njp file contains java or NetRexx code and can processes either. This makes njPipes simple to use from java. The second feature is improved tcpip support. Its now good enough for real applications. The examples directory contains a simple one called, tcpecho, which lets you watch sapgui sessions. Pipes are a tool I use when

    Jar Image Browser Bean :: Download Source Code
    The Jar Image Browser bean lets you view, manipulate and print images from a jar or zip file. When you select a valid jar file, this bean lists the image entries in that file. You can sort the entries by alphabetical order or by date. You can select one or more of images from this list and launch the image viewer. The image viewer will adjust the sizes of the images to display all the selected images. The Image Viewer supports the following features: 1. Display modes: Original size, scaled and to_fit 2.

    NessusJ :: Download Source Code
    It's a client for the nessusd program, a security scanner.

    JavaScript Popup Survey Builder :: Download Source Code
    Create popup surveys. Enter your question and answers and we automatically generate the code. Both the client code and sample code for saving the results on the server is created.

    Splitter for Java :: Download Source Code
    Splitter for Java is a Java application used to split a large files into some small files.

    jEdit :: Download Source Code
    jEdit is an easy to use text editor. It has many useful features, such as a powerful plugin architecture, editing of URLs, markers and automatic formatting of Java source.

    Table Reformatter :: Download Source Code
    Javascript program to change the number of columns of tables within an html document.

    DC200 SDK :: Download Source Code
    A simple SDK for Kodak's DC200 and DC210 cameras. Uses javacomm API (early access). Supports most functions that Kodak's own SDKs has.

    Servc :: Download Source Code
    Servc converts html documents into servlets. It allows authors to embed java code and well other servlets into their html.

    dxf2j3d :: Download Source Code
    dxf2j3d is a Java freeware utility that converts an object drawn out of 3D Polylines in AutoCad & saved as an r12 .dxf file into a ready-to-compile Java3D java file.

    generic image viewer :: Download Source Code
    The Generic Image Viewer is a Java image viewing utility for viewing jpeg and gif image files. A handy platform-independent utility for viewing images without launching larger applications.

    Table of Contents / Tree View Applet :: Download Source Code
    The Table of Contents (TOC) Applet implements a tree view interface (similar to the Win95/NT Explorer) for your homepage, Intranet or CD-ROM. Unique features, e.g. update multiple frames at once, JavaScript integration and much more.

    PVCj - Plugin Version Control for Java :: Download Source Code
    Plugin Version Control for Java (PVCj) is a version control applet which works in conjunction with Sun's Java Plugin to install applet JAR files locally on the client system. On subsequent visits to a web page, JARs are only downloaded across the network if a newer version exists on the server. This dramatically accelerates startup time while reducing the bandwidth impact frequently associated with large applets. This solution is especially well suited for Intranet or Extranet deployment scenarios, because

    JBackup :: Download Source Code
    Useful for daily Backups. It has cool features like generating the file name as per the date or day. Also, it can take input from a list file which makes using a script even easier.

    Perlfect Solutions - SSI Counter :: Download Source Code
    Perlfect SSI Counter is a simple - very easy to install and use - web page counter. When called via an SSI directive it comes up with a plain text count of the visits for a given page. It automatically keeps separate counts for each individual page that uses it, so you do not need any special configuration to use it for multiple pages.

    Perlfect Solutions - Perlfect Subscriber :: Download Source Code
    Perlfect Subscribe is a simple script that allows your users to add the email address to a plain text email list by submitting it via a form. This enables you to create mailing lists of users that are interested in receiving updates, notifications or newsletters about your site. You can combine it with Perlfect Mailer, to send email to all recipients on any of your lists.

    Perlfect Solutions - Daily Stats :: Download Source Code
    Perlfect Daily Stats is a web server log analysis tool that generates daily activity reports for your site. It produces breakdowns of: document hits/views,referring urls,referring domains, site entry points/gateways,referring protocols. Reports are formatted in HTML. Report data is sorted and is accompanied with the respective percentages and graphical bar charts. Version 1.4 of the script adds new features with most important among them the keyword detection from more than a dozen of the mos

    Perlfect Solutions - Click Log :: Download Source Code
    Perlfect Clicklog lets you track users clicking links on your web site. It works by redirecting accesses to a URL (or local pathname) passed as a parameter. You can use this script to track any activity you want: circulation/distribution of traffic , users downloading files, click-thrus on advertising banners/buttons. The script keeps a log of accesses marking the source and target URLs along with a count associated to each pair.

    jEdit :: Download Source Code
    jEdit is a powerful programmer's text editor. It has syntax colorizing, bracket matching, auto indent, compiler error parsing, and more. It is released under the GNU General Public License.

    Simredo - An Editor :: Download Source Code
    Simredo 3 is a simple Java editor. It was written to support Esperanto, but it has features which non-Esperantists may find useful, such as Unicode conversion, and Japanese text editing. Simredo and it's source code are free.

    RSA Encryption in Java :: Download Source Code
    The rsa package provides the ability to generate keys, encrypt, and decrypt using the RSA encryption algorithm. In addition, a client applet is provided which uses the rsa package.

    Vigenere Encryptor :: Download Source Code
    This little freeware Java application encrypts some data using the Vigenere algorithm Source code freely availaby for anybody to use and learn Quixote

    Zoot - XMLEditor :: Download Source Code
    The Zoot package provides two editors: a generic editor for text and an editor with specific functionality for XML. This XML functionality includes: - validating an XML document, - representing the document as a tree, - beautifing the document, - extensive online help. (This editor can be extended to incorporate XSL.) NB - requires JDK1.2.

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