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  • The Email Address Finder :: Download Source Code
    An applet, that is connecting multithreaded to different email search tools. It uses a redirection server to deal with the java security restrictions (connection only to applet host) It is been loaded from a Windows 95 workstation and thus quite slow!!

    WebSeek :: Download Source Code
    Customizable utility that organizes the popular search engines in a java frame. Searches are initiated when the search string is entered in the provided text box and when the user clicks on the graphical button representing the search engine the user wants to employ.

    JHLSearch :: Download Source Code
    This applet executes a standard boolean word search on a pre-compiled database (the compiler is also available). All html documents which match the requested search are listed by title. The document can then be browsed by clicking the title. It is designed to be used as a local site search engine, and has nothing to do with Internet search engines.

    Home Page Search applet :: Download Source Code
    This applet adds search functionality to web sites that cannot use CGI scripts. The applet follows links from the first page and then subsequent pages to search the site. Searches can be made case sensitive/case insensitive or limited to whole words. The applet can be used on any web site, as described in

    GHOST - German Hypertext Online Search Tool :: Download Source Code
    This tool searches four engines at a time. The user selects these four from 22 search-engines. It supports an "and" search-option, so long as the selected search-engines do so as well. It has a German user-interface.

    Click and Link :: Download Source Code
    Finally, with the latest release of Netscape, I can implement this allows the user to select any text in the client area as he usually does in visual applications ( holding down the left button and moving the mouse for free text, double-clicking the left button for whole words) and to perform i.e. searching tasks with the so-captured text as keywords. If the user select a phrase, automatically quotation marks will be inserted. Basically, this script helps the user in data input for data

    WayToSearch :: Download Source Code
    An easy conection to some searchengines.

    rbl-Search :: Download Source Code
    rblSearch is a simple "meta" search engine, with this you can replace IE 4 search bar or other search page.

    PagePeeker :: Download Source Code
    Copy and paste an http address into PagePeeker, give it a Searchterm, and it will return all of the lines of text on a webpage that have that searchterm. After 2 months of learning IBM's Visual Age for Java using Page Peeker as a test project, I have returned with a version that is re-usable,(clear the searchterm field and http address, put in new parameters and launch a new peek with the GO button), has bigger, bolder fonts for easy reading, and has a much more pleasant green color!

    Perlfect Solutions - Perlfect Search :: Download Source Code
    Perlfect Search is an integrated, general purpose, site indexer and search engine. It comes as a pair of disctinct scripts. The indexer, that automatically, scans and indexes a web site, and the search engine, a cgi script that serves search queries for keywords over the index, and displays results pages in html, in a standard format including title, description and relevance ranking for each matching document. Version 2.0 adds many new features like: per page results, boolean searches, tottaly

    PSS :: Download Source Code
    PSS is a search tool for small homesites without server access. It performs a clientside-only search of the site.

    PersonalSearch :: Download Source Code
    PersonalSearch is an applet + an application. You create a file with the application and the applet searches through this file. This means that it does not parse whole html documents and you do not need your own server. All you need in order to run it is a homepage and a JRE (min 1.1).

    JavaSearch :: Download Source Code
    JavaSearch allows key word searches and "and/or" type searches to be performed on an index based system. Processing is performed by the web client rather than on the server, thus freeing the server from the burden of search queries. Search results are typically very fast. The search index is passed to the client when the applet loads a compressed format "jar" file. Also, the main search array is in a "serialized" (pre-initialized) format therefore speeding loading of the program.

    What's on! :: Download Source Code
    What's on! uses multiple search engines simultaneously, and flashes results with summaries. You can very simply download new plug-ins on the Internet. Those plug-ins allow you to make your query over a new search engine. What's on! uses an API made by

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