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  • webScroller :: Download Source Code
    webScroller offers advanced features in banners for anyone who wants to make an impact on there web page. Some of webScroller's features include: multiple multi-directional scrolling images, text and links - all with there own embedded url, text color options, scrolling backgrounds, 10kb size, fast, free demo, free support, features added for free, lifetime upgrades, text overlays, multiple lines of varying scrolling text/links/images.

    BillBoard :: Download Source Code
    Unlimited number of messages. Four different run-time text animations, background images text color and size control for each message.

    DdGPicChanger :: Download Source Code
    Are you searching for a nce picture displayer, billboard or Ad-display. Here it is, including 6 different changes. Which you can extend if you want. It's not for commercial use at the moment. Would you like to use it for commercial purposes, let me know please.

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