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  • INOTE :: Download Source Code
    INOTE is a utility for annotating GIF and JPG images. Textual as well as audio annotations can be tied to particular regions within the image. INOTE can automatically search for lines of text within images and is also capable of producing client side image maps.

    Java Polymap Toolkit :: Download Source Code
    Polymap uses the GIF image application-specific extension to implement a self-contained, highly interactive client-side image mapping technique. A hotspot can consist of any number of arbitrary polygons, and can be easily encoded into the image using the shareware Polymap Toolkit.

    SmartMap :: Download Source Code
    SmartMap is an image map and text display applet that superimposes text over an image depending on mouse location. It uses the same COORDS and HREF attributes as the HTML tags for client-side image maps, and adds a TEXT attribute for a cutline to be displayed atop the image until the mouse is moved out of the cutline's mapping. In order to display the text, SmartMap uses a new class called Cutline. The Cutline class that takes a line of text and can display it in a box, with the text separated over up to f

    Image Menu Applet :: Download Source Code
    This is an Image menu applet. The applet is fully configurable, fast and powerful. It utilizes images instead of text to display menu items. A good navigational tool if you're looking for one like this.

    John Donohue's Java Examples: Scrolling ImageMap :: Download Source Code
    Scrolling Imagemap. The user moves a zooming rectangle around on a small thumbnail image causing the larger imagemap to scroll. This allows you to have a imagemap that is much larger than the size of your applet window.

    Imagemap :: Download Source Code
    This is a simple applet that allows a different sections of an image to link to different web pages. This is a java imagemap. Very easy to use and HTML configurable.

    Map Viewer :: Download Source Code
    This is a pair of applets: Map Viewer and Map Constructor(I'll submit the latter just after submitting Map Viewer), that can be used for graphical representation of personal Homepage, Web site, or any other structure accessible through the WEB-browser. All functions (including Map Construction) are performed by Java applets, so you install nothing on your computer ! Map Constructor provides full control over the Map properties and even includes remote saving utility!!

    IndexR :: Download Source Code
    IndexR is an image navigation bar. Primary and secondary image specification. Full control of image URLs hot areas and image location. Unlimited number of pages of images.

    Rotating Imagemap Applet :: Download Source Code
    This applet displays graphical characters/pictures/etc. which appear to 'rotate' around a central tube, each graphical character can be associated with an indivdual URL and ID and displayed in a given frame. Source code is available via email.

    ImageAudio :: Download Source Code
    A specified audio is played when the mouse enters the applet which contains a specified image. Optionally, a small oval is drawn with the specified color at the specified rectangle. Also the browser can be directed to a new URL by clicking on the applet. The size of the class file is

    Javimap and Javimapper :: Download Source Code
    Javimap is an applet which implements an image map. Javimapper is an application for drawing image maps. Javimapper can create client-side image maps and image maps which are used by Javimap. Source code is free.

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