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  • Rob's Scrolling Message Applet :: Download Source Code
    A scrolling message display, with fully configurable text, including font, colour, size, as well as variable speeds.

    Rob's Rolling Message Applet :: Download Source Code
    A variation on the scrolling message display, with fully configurable text, including font, colour, size, as well as variable speeds.

    Navigator Ticker :: Download Source Code
    NavigatorTicker Animates your messages in a unique way. Now, Your messages can Change its color when mouse cross over it !!. You can display different messages each can have its own optional URL.NavigatorTicker© Developed by ITS of Egypt Features Animated Hypertext, display Multi message & Multi URL, Frames Support, Shadow Effect, Automatic font scaling, Control over the scrolling speed, Applet border and Shadow color.

    HHHanCoolTitle :: Download Source Code
    This is a cool, versatile title bar that everyone can use in your homepage.

    ProScroll :: Download Source Code
    A powerful applet that scrolls text across a page. Multi-colored text is possible, and font, font size, and font style can be changed. Images can be scrolled as well.

    fxText :: Download Source Code
    This simple applet uses transparency in overlaid gif files to create interesting text effects.

    JitterText :: Download Source Code
    This simple applet is an enhanced rendition of Sun's NervousText applet, to include optional random multi-colors, font size optimazation, better character spacing, and an on/off switch for when it gets on your nerves (click on it.)

    JHLTextmap :: Download Source Code
    Many surfers find it difficult to orientate themselves within a web site. This applet, together with the database compiler, displays a web site as a two-dimensional hierarchy. It mimics a 'standard' GUI hierarchy list, such as for a hard-disk, but displaying the html document titles. The user can expand or collapse link-containing documents. Any page can be called up with just two clicks of the mouse. The compiler also outputs a static hierarchy map as an html document for those who prefer not to use the a

    TickerTape :: Download Source Code
    A scrolling TickerTape in the from of an electronic billboard.

    Smoothie :: Download Source Code
    Smoothe is a simple, applet that smooth-scrolls text (one or more lines) vertically. Colors, font sizes, styles, and scroll speed are configurable.

    Bended led sign :: Download Source Code
    Yet another led sign message but this one is bended and the sources are inclued.

    JTextMenu.class :: Download Source Code
    This menu also available at is a text menu that i modeled after the one on your page. it reads an external file from the URL where the page came from, then it reads in 1 line per menu item. an item may be blank, a title, or a link, depending on the contents of the line in the input file.

    JScroller.class :: Download Source Code
    This applet scrolls text that it finds in an external file. it reads the file through a URLConnection, then scrolls it through the view. it wll also scroll graphics by using an entry like: %my_image.jpg the "%" tells the applet to get a new image. multiple images are supoorted.

    Chris Cobb's 'Obligatory' Ticker Tape Applet :: Download Source Code
    Called the "obligatory" ticker tape applet because every other Java programmer has written one. Many options available to control colors, border, fonts, direction, size, etc. Must be seen to be fully appreciated. Freeware.

    RunningText :: Download Source Code
    This is a revision of my RunningText Applet. The new version supports shadows for the text. The user has the choice of inputting the information as a paramter or through a file.

    The Info Window :: Download Source Code
    For IE 4.0 only! A simulated Win95 application window created with Dynamic HTML, ActiveX, VBScript. Features include a fully functional Dynamic HTML taskbar, complete with Start button and working clock, and an app-style button menu interface. Also included is the full-featured MIDI Jukebox. Check it out!

    Typing :: Download Source Code
    This applet writes a message on the screen one letter at a time, as if it were being typed.

    Slide Anagram :: Download Source Code
    This is a simple Java applet inspired by the various java-based wiggly text banners. Given 3 strings that are anagrams of each other, this applet will mutate each string into the next string by sliding one letter at a time into it's next position and bumping out any letter that might already be there. The bumped out letter will then seek out it's correct position and bump out any letter that might be there. The final release of this applet will be more "feature rich".

    HollywoodText :: Download Source Code
    This little applet simulates the terminal display of text as seen in the movies. I've never seen an actual computer display text like this, but with this applet it is possible to obtain a similar effect. Very configurable, uses a very simple script to create the text file to display. Includes source, free for non-commercial use, runs under Java 1.02 or 1.1. Best with Internet Explorer (on Win95)

    ReitmanTicker.class :: Download Source Code
    A text ticker that will display background images and will change the text color on mouse over.

    FunScroll :: Download Source Code
    This scrolling text applet offers several unique features, such as nervous text, engraved text, sine wave text, exploding text, and the ability to have more than one line in the window at once. Now also includes support for images!

    Another Vertical Text Scroller :: Download Source Code
    A Light weight configurable Text application. The Vertical scroller is quick loading and can blend with your page decor and / or tastes.

    RunningText Bean :: Download Source Code
    This is the Java Bean version of the RunningText applet that is currently available in the same site. Highly customizable, with the option to add a shadow to the text, change the font, change the text, speed of scrolling etc. This Bean is double buffered to reduce flickering.

    BannerText :: Download Source Code
    A simple text-only banner, which writes a line of text to the screen char by char, then rolls it upwards.

    RunningText Bean :: Download Source Code
    This is the Bean version of the Top 25% rated Running Text Applet available at the same site. The new version comes with its own Bean Customizer

    Vertical Ticker :: Download Source Code
    A simple vertical ticker. Features include 1. ANY number of strings!!!! 2. User selected font 3. User selected font size The background has been set to black and the text color to green.

    Bijoy's First Ticker :: Download Source Code
    A simple vertical ticker. Features include 1. ANY number of strings!!!! 2. User selected font 3. User selected font size The background has been set to black and the text color to green.

    Super Ticker :: Download Source Code
    Bijoy's new and improved ticker. New features include URL support, text and background color, optinal bold and italics. Extremely easy to use as well.

    FadeMenu :: Download Source Code
    Fademenu is a simple web interface tool that displays text that grows, fades in, then shrinks and fades out. Colors, text sizes, styles and speed can all be customized.

    Terminal Display :: Download Source Code
    Terminal Display (TD) simulates an ASCII-terminal display. Text, colors, speed etc. can be configured.

    3D Shadow Text Applet :: Download Source Code
    This Java applet displays any number of texts with a cool 3D shadow. Each text font, style, size can be defined. Text colors and the shadow color changing factors can also be specified.

    File Fed Scroller with Color :: Download Source Code
    This vertical text scroller reads in from a text file and offers the use of tags to specify text color and line breaks. It's simple and effective and FREE for your perusal and use.

    Per's Headlines Applet :: Download Source Code
    The Headlines applet is a small applet that shows a number of headlines, by fading in and out text. The font size is calculated to the maximum size, to give the headlines maximal impact.

    BlinkScroll Java Applet :: Download Source Code
    This Java applet displays any number of text messages on a blinking star background. The texts scroll down smoothly. The font type, style, size and the color for each text can be specified. The star color can also be defined to create many special effects.

    DdGMarquee :: Download Source Code
    This was my first java-applet i ever wrote. And it worked. You may extend it or change it if you send me some mail about the changes.

    FadeMenu :: Download Source Code
    FadeMenu is a java applet intended for use on websites as a visually attractive navigation tool. Links are displayed as text that fades in as it grows and fades out as it shrinks. FadeMenu is highly customizable, allowing you define your own colors, phrases, text sizes, associated URLs, speed, and more.

    Nagendra's Java Ticker Widget/Applet :: Download Source Code
    Although there are many tickers available over the internet, this one was designed with the idea of using very less resource, and also with ergonomical features. - This is a generic widget class. So it can be re-used anywhere weather in an applet/application or anywhere else ! Full documentation is available with source-code including sample code on how to use this class in an applet. - Ticker doesn't scroll when all the text can be shown - When you minimize the browser, it kills the threa

    TextScroll :: Download Source Code
    TextScroll is a simple, powerful, elegant applet for displaying dynamic scrolling text on web pages.

    DarthFader :: Download Source Code
    DarthFader is a simple yet powerful text fading applet. It is very flexible and configurable. It suppors the same directives model that TextScroll does. It is available for free, including source code.

    ISCTextBar :: Download Source Code
    ISCTextBar V1.1 is a text effect applet. It provides 3D or transparent look if background image is provided. It provides three different text effect: text stream scrolling effect, typing effect, and character scrolling effect. User can define scrolling delay, font size, font color, background color or image, and displayed text.

    Vertical Text Scroller Applet :: Download Source Code
    A vertical text scrolling applet that features smooth scrolling, manual or automatic pausing, error checking, mouse over link highlighting, special backgrounds, and many fonts, styles, and colors to choose from.

    ISCUpScroll :: Download Source Code
    ISCUpScroll V1.0 is a text display applet. User can define their own font size, font color, text moving speed and step, text alignment, background color, even background image to get a transparent look. When mouse enters the applet, the text display will stop moving so user can get a clear view of the text displayed. When mouse exits the applet, the text display starts moving again. User can also drag the text up and down.

    SuperMan_Ticker :: Download Source Code
    A java ticker where the text flies right at you, just like those Superman opening credits. Very cool. Parameters for setting text, links, text color, font size, highlighted text color, background color, speed and pausing.

    ScrollingText Applet :: Download Source Code
    ScrollingText Applet with many options

    Runline2 (News ticker) :: Download Source Code
    Runline 2

    AnimatedAd applet :: Download Source Code
    The AnimatedAd applet is based on the original TV ads created by Sun Microsystems to promote Java (TM) and network computing. With this applet, the text string, font size, font color, and font style are all continuously varied with a random number generator.

    Boring Scroller :: Download Source Code
    Just a Funny Scroller

    Vertical Text Scroller :: Download Source Code
    A very configurable fast loading vertical text scrolling applet that features smooth scrolling, manual or automatic pausing, error checking, mouse over link highlighting, and many fonts, styles and colors to choose from. The applet was recently updated and now also supports RGB colors, single or double clicked links, five really cool backgrounds, and text file input of displayable lines.

    ProScroll :: Download Source Code
    ProScroll is a powerful text scroller applet with support for multicolored text and images. It is small, fast and stable.

    Java Bookmark Alert :: Download Source Code
    Free javascript bookmark text alert applet

    WrapText.class :: Download Source Code
    WrapText.class is a JavaBean extension of canvas that allows text to be written to automatically wrap over to the next line, left justified. There are many out there. This one is free and supports setText(String t), appendText(String t), insertText(String t, int index), and clearText() plus all the java.awt.Canvas methods.

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