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  • Lunar Calendar :: Download Source Code
    The program displays a lunar calendar which gives the phase of the moon from forty-five days in the past to forty-five days into the future. The lunisolar class library contains routines for computing the phase of the Moon, the time at which the Sun reaches a given phase, and a phrase that describes the phase of the Moon.

    Bill's Clock :: Download Source Code
    Bill's Clock is a very configurable clock face that can display time in any time zone or local time per the viewer's time settings.

    JAVA DATE :: Download Source Code
    applet that displays the current star trek, "star date" computed from the current time and date.

    Chris Cobb's 'Obligatory' Date Applet :: Download Source Code
    Called the "obligatory" date applet because every other Java programmer has written one. Many options available to control colors, border, date and time zone formats. Freeware.

    Chris Cobb's 'Obligatory' Time Applet :: Download Source Code
    Called the "obligatory" time applet because every other Java programmer has written one. Many options available to control colors, border, time and time zone formats. Freeware.

    Javascript 1.1 Clock :: Download Source Code
    Clock for Javascript 1.1 (Currently Netscape 3.0 only). Uses only two images for complete digital readout

    kgsCaffeineClock :: Download Source Code
    A Java clock that really deserves the name. It shows that it's time for Java.

    SevenSeg :: Download Source Code
    Digital clock that emulates a seven segment display. Digit colors, thickness, and slant angle is configurable. Also capable of synchronizing to a time server. Has 24/12 hour modes. Uses double buffering for a flicker-free display.

    SunClock :: Download Source Code
    Sunclock displays a map of the world showing the sunrise/sunset/twilight terminator. It also displays the phase of the moon. Sunclock will display the time of sunrise, sunset, twilight, moonrise, etc. It also displays the times of Jewish and Muslim religious observation, but these times have not been validated with religious authorities. SunClock requires Java 1.1

    Metric Clock :: Download Source Code
    Displays the time with a twist: 10 hours per day, 100 minutes per hour, 100 seconds per minute.

    Simple SunClock :: Download Source Code
    SimpleSun displays an image of the earth showing the sunrise/sunset terminator. This is a simpler version of my SunClock applet. This applet should work on browsers that only support Java 1.0.2.

    Analog clock :: Download Source Code
    A nice little analog clock which can be configured with other than the default colors. You can e-mail me for the code if you want to see how its done.

    VasSystApplet :: Download Source Code
    VasSystApplet - Your system viewed by Java. These are the main informations that an applet can obtain from the local client without catching security exceptions. Made with JDK 1.02, so it's working with all JVM, including Java 1.02 browsers (Netscape 2.02, IE 3 or better). Full source code available after registration (12USD).

    ISCDgClock :: Download Source Code
    ISCDgClock is a simple digital clock. User can choose between 12 or 24 hour time format.

    JavaScript calendar :: Download Source Code
    An easy to use calender to insert into web pages. Easy adjustable even for non HTML-gurus.

    GuinnessTime :: Download Source Code
    The famous Guinness Time as Java Clock

    DigitalClock applet :: Download Source Code
    The DigitalClock applet displays the current local date and time in a digital format. It's great for quietly embedding into HTML pages. Free source code is included.

    DigitalClock :: Download Source Code
    The DigitalClock applet is designed to easily fit into your HTML pages, without being a distraction to the reader. By modifying the FONT, SIZE, and COLOR properties, you can make the clock blend smoothly into your HTML pages. Fully-threaded, auto-centering, and now includes the GetAppletParameter class. Source code included.

    SiestaApplet :: Download Source Code
    The SiestaApplet is a great tool for waking you up after a short cat nap at the office (presumably during those long working nights), or perhaps after a meditation session. Just set the timer, and relax for a while.

    JavaDate :: Download Source Code
    This Java program reads the current GMT time from a web site at the U.S. Naval Observatory and prints the corresponding current local time. On Windows or Unix, the program has a command line option to set the system clock to the correct local time. JDate uses HTTP instead of NTP, so there should be no need to configure your firewall for JDate to work properly. If you use a proxy to get to the Web, you can run JDate with standard system properties so that it will use your proxy.

    Antony's Java Clock :: Download Source Code
    Java Clock is a FREE Java applet used to display a clock on your Web pages. You can display either analog clock and digital clock. Click this applet to switch between analog and digital clock. You can also change the time zone of this clock.

    NGDate :: Download Source Code
    Date display in Japanese. Does not require special fonts.

    Stardate clock :: Download Source Code
    Realtime stardate clock - display current stardate with graphical digits. There is also klingon version which displays the same time - but in Klingon. Look can be customized by simply substituting the images

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